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Over the years, MaxBill has worked with many telecom services providers. We’ve seen businesses change and transform, implementing changes into every aspect of their workflows. Truly, telcos are among the fastest innovation adopters. They don’t focus as much on future-proofing, but rather shape the future for themselves. After the health crisis of 2020, the telecom industry was pushed to re-imagine its goals again and create ways to achieve them.

To better understand the consequent changes, MaxBill is launching a research.

It concerns the state of innovation among the telecommunication service providers, producers and partners of any specialization. We have already conveyed similar studies for utility and gaming, and are excited to compare the nuances of each field.

All professionals belonging to the telco sector in any capacity are welcome to participate in this research: it is free and anonymous. In 5 weeks, we will distribute the report with valuable insights and resulting data-based recommendations to the respondents. Others interested will have the opportunity to access it later.

Anyone curious to find out what the resulting document might look like is welcome to download the report that was compiled for utility providers. Keep in mind, however, that each sector has its specifics.