Integrating the company’s segregated services as flexible bundles under a unified billing and service management solution from MaxBill

Caiway is a leading triple-play service provider in the Netherlands. The company started off as a Pay-TV operator, growing steadily and introducing new services to its end-users. Caiway offered a portfolio of digital television, Internet and telephony services to a wide audience across the country.

Consistent growth in the number of customers as well as expanding to new geographical markets required an all-rounded solution to maintain customer information, offer service packages and ensure fast and secure billing. The MaxBill billing solution provided Caiway with the necessary tools for customer and service management that allowed the company to make the most of its resources and reinforce its position as a leading service provider. Currently, Caiway serves 143,000 subscribers, of which 75,000 subscribed to Internet-related services and 28,000 to telephone (VoIP) services.

In 2018, the company was purchased by the Swedish investment company EQT and became one of the brands within the DELTA Fiber Netherlands group. Being satisfied with the service quality provided by MaxBill, DELTA Fiber Netherlands decided to continue our partnership with Caiway, further expanding the usage of our solution to DELTA—another brand included in the group.