With MaxBill,
businesses all over the world
are able to grow with no limits,
create and provide any service
for their customers to enjoy,
trust and control.

MaxBill is a place
where people perform at their
best and do the greatest work
of their lives, while exploring
their true passion.

We build a world, where customers and their interest always stay at the centre of attention; where companies are, first and foremost, the embodiment of reliability and loyalty. MaxBill leads the way for any service provider to apply the enabling technologies and creative design to all types of services to reach and serve the customer in a trustful, profitable and convenient manner.

With MaxBill, all current and future business ideas are possible to envision and successfully bring to life.

We believe that people build the company’s future along with their own. It is what inspires us every day to build a highly productive culture, where our people can transform themselves and things around them and unleash their creativity, bringing forward even the most daring ideas.

With such a team, we can fully achieve our corporate vision — to help our clients grow unlimitedly by monetizing any kind of service no matter the vertical. It is unrestricted and applies to any industry, customer segment, location or company size.

Our Values

We are a team of pioneers and industry drivers who continually look for new and better ways of doing things, are not afraid of taking risks and pursuing bold ideas, while working together globally with an appreciation of all perspectives and approaches.


Our people live and breathe curiosity, always striving to passionately explore the unknown, the different; while our leadership team ensures the freedom and agility for the team to explore and implement.


We are fully committed to the success of our clients, partners and fellow team members, going above and beyond to achieve greatness every step of the way and approaching challenges with enthusiasm and optimism.


We cultivate partner relationships with everyone we come across, showing respect, communicating with courage and supporting each other through challenges and celebrations to help people and companies grow and thrive.

Our People

We love our people, and it shows.

Our team is at the heart of everything we do. Therefore, our mission is to develop and support a unique culture of personal growth, creativity and constant transformation. A culture where people can thrive by learning, experimenting, innovating and taking risks.

Want to become a part of something great?

Our Approach to Sustainability

We are committed to our planet, our community and our people.

MaxBill is in here for the long run, so we ensure to build a sustainable future for our employees, our company and the communities we live and work in. Our Sustainability Initiatives, Training Programs and Medical Fund, including choosing eco-friendly transportation and encouraging recycling behaviour to reduce our carbon footprint and enabling a brighter future by building products and solutions to support our team and our clients.

More about our Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Core Team


Kirill Rechter
Rost Bitterlikh
VP of R&D
Valentyn Morozov
VP of Product Management
Yaroslav Tkachenko
VP of Agile Delivery
Svetlana Gildebrandt
HR Director

Customer Management

Javier Morelli
Project Director
Andriy Todurov
Project Director
Alexander Kovalevskiy
Project Director

Sales & Marketing

Christian Cantoro
Sales Director
Anastasiia Bobeshko
Marketing Director
Viacheslav Smirnov
Pre-Sale Product Owner


Oleksandr Slobodianik
System Architect
Vladimir Penkov
Data Architect
Alina Bilodid
Senior Product Owner
Alex Bondarenko
Senior Product Owner
Konstantin Dolgushin
Senior R&D Product Owner
Olha Penkova
Product Owner
Alexander Sazhyienko
Product Owner
Maria Babicheva
Scrum Master

IT & Security

Dmitry Volkov
IT Manager


Elena Beliavski
Administrative Director (Ukraine)
Zuzana Klucová
Administrative Manager (Czech Republic)

Latest News

September 17, 2021
Case Study: iGaming Regulations and Digitization
Key insights on the impact of regulations on iGaming businesses and the importance of digitization.
Anastasiia Bobeshko
August 26, 2021
MaxBill and Clever Energy to Cooperate in Service Digitization for Communal and District Heating Networks in the UK
MaxBill is proud to partner with Clever Energy to transform the heating industry in the UK
Mariia Kovalova
August 19, 2021
Focusing on the Customer: What Can Utility Providers Do in 2021
Utilities digitalize to meet their customers' growing expectations.
Rost Bitterlikh
Mariia Kovalova
August 6, 2021
Partner Management Software Helps Medium Businesses in the UK Rise After Lockdown
Why partner management software is vital for SMBs and how to choose the right one for your company.
Anastasiia Bobeshko
Mariia Kovalova
July 29, 2021
MaxBill Supports KPN, Handling Increased Voice and Data Traffic
We conducted a benchmark to evaluate our solution's ability to handle KPN's increased CDR traffic.
Mariia Kovalova
July 26, 2021
“Where’d You Go?” or a Quest for Churn Reduction
How and why telecoms should analyse the customer base to discover new ways of ensuring retention.
Alex Bondarenko
Anastasiia Bobeshko
July 21, 2021
Interview with Vladimir Melnichuk, Senior Software Developer
Discover Vladimir's innovative life and work principles that make him happier and more productive.
Mariia Kovalova
July 2, 2021
Summer Corporate Workshop 2021
The MaxBill corporate update and award ceremony for the first half of 2021 was held in Odessa.
Mariia Kovalova

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