About LogNet Systems

LogNet Systems and our MaxBill solution are delivering service providers a modern approach to billing, service delivery and customer experience management. The MaxBill solution for Modern Billing enables service providers to strategically implement their innovative business models with a holistic approach to implementing business processes and revenue generation.
Since 1996, the MaxBill solution has been helping communications, TV, content, utilities, financial and transportation service providers worldwide grow their businesses in rapidly changing and highly competitive markets.



MaxBill’s Modern Billing sets a new standard for empowering service providers to achieve their business strategies and corporate visions.


We are constantly expanding the dimensions of our solutions to meet the future business needs of our customers.


We are the continuous source of modern ideas.
We are fully committed to our customers, partners and employees.
We are partners with our customers to successfully achieve their strategic objectives.

About MaxBill

Modern Billing provides an important shift from tactical operations limited by the functionality of module and service based systems to a holistic and strategic approach that supports the growth of a service provider’s business.

In many service industries, traditional approaches to billing have resulted in multiple systems supporting separate services. Business processes are often disconnected with significant manual intervention required to complete routine tasks and expensive to reconfigure when business change occurs. As a result, such billing operations are a burden rather than an asset to service provider business growth.

Modern Billing and our MaxBill solution provide a new framework for service providers to create important competitive advantages and become market leaders in the age of commoditized services, intense competition, rapid product innovation, changes in business models and evolving customer expectations.

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Business Development

Holistic approach and design based around processes reduces or eliminates the need for system redesign to cope with business evolution, resulting in capex reduction.


Faster time-to-market for new services, leading to shorter time-to-revenues.


Improved customer experience in the purchasing and delivery of services, potential to reduce churn and resulting in more market share and revenue.


Better links between service design, delivery and financial systems enable the design and delivery of better, more profitable services, meaning more customers, increased revenue and higher margins.


Reduced workload associated with maintaining multiple separate billing systems for each service type, leading to reduced cost.

Customer Centric

Automatic contract management processes, with set of personal analytics and reports for your customers, evolving customer expectations.
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