Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is committed to protecting the world in which we live and improving the community by setting up a sustainable future for our team. We believe that the most fundamental and valuable asset to our company’s success is our people. So, as a responsible corporation, we share the idea of caring about our staff members by helping them improve their qualifications and professionalism, providing comfortable work conditions, social protection, and encouraging them to care for the environment.

We believe in sustaining a family-like company culture, where each member can count on a helping hand. MaxBill is all about encouraging personal and professional growth, knowledge sharing and taking initiative at the workplace. Despite being an international company with team members scattered around different cities and countries, we are passionate about giving back to the local communities. It is also worth mentioning that there is no litigation against the company.

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Principles of work



Fair labor practices
Regular satisfaction surveys for team members
Regular one-on-ones with HR and direct managers
Open door policy

Same Values with Our Clients

Full data security
GDPR compliance
Highly-rated performance of the support team

Equality and Zero Discrimination Policy

Equal pay
Zero tolerance against harassment
Team diversification



Anti-COVID Shield

Since the worldwide coronavirus pandemic broke out in March of 2020, our administrative and management teams made sure to keep everyone safe and secure. The work-from-home approach was fully supported and each member of the team had the resources to set up their space at home and continue work without disruptions. After the lockdown was loosened in some countries, all MaxBill offices were set up to the highest safety standards according to the particular area’s guidelines. Immediate response procedures in case of one or more team members getting infected were set in place. We automated such procedures with help of HR software to eliminate the lengthy leave approval cycle, ensuring speed and efficiency. While we made sure that the office environment was protected, the remote work option was open to those who chose to self-isolate.

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We Are Here for Our Partners

Establishing strong cross-industry bonds and excellent relationships with our clients and partners has always been a cornerstone of the MaxBill culture. We highly value the trust and openness of our relationships and hold our communication procedures to the highest standard.

Our customer support team does its best to provide timely and full support to our clients, while always maintaining a friendly attitude. People value transparent communication, clear promises and the positive mindset of the MaxBill team. From our side, we make sure to understand our client’s business goals and align our actions in a way that leads to this goal’s fast and effective accomplishment.

feel valued

Together As One

According to our annual satisfaction survey, 95.6% of MaxBillers feel valued at work, with 97.8% being sure to get help from management whenever it is needed.

We keep the legal, social and business wellbeing of each member of the MaxBill team as our highest priority in all of our corporate practices. The company is guided by the Labour Code, pays fair compensation for a 40-hour work week and provides a beneficial social package for staff members, which is highly appreciated by 97.8% of MaxBillers. Paid leave requests and approval procedures are very quick and convenient so that each team member can manage their time for better productivity.

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Equal Opportunity

At MaxBill, we value each individual’s ambition and abilities, no matter the age, gender, nationality, skin color, sexuality or religious beliefs. We strongly believe that diversification of the team is crucial for fostering creativity, innovation, knowledge sharing and better communication both inside the company and with clients. Therefore, our collaboration and promotion processes are fully inclusive and are based only on the professional qualities of the candidates. 

MaxBill follows zero discrimination labour practices. We have quite a few women in management and a variety of technical roles and equal compensation for men and women in the same position. Any type of harassment is never tolerated in our company. MaxBill values the importance of respecting human rights and, for that reason, does not exploit child labour. We collaborate only with professionals who are at least 18 years old at the time of recruitment.

Space to Grow Professionally

Training Programs

MaxBill is about getting ahead of the industry, developing personally and professionally, setting an example and using one’s expertise to benefit the entire company. We encourage everyone to constantly upgrade their hard and soft skills by participating in all kinds of training and educational activities. All the trainings that are important for members of our team to attend are reimbursed in full and counted into the work hours, as each of our individual achievements builds up the success of others around. Additionally, MaxBill constantly invites experts for inhouse training programs, like leadership training course, sales training, etc.

MaxSeminar Program

Getting experience and building skills shouldn’t be done exclusively via external sources and events. In fact, a properly set up practice of internal knowledge sharing is extremely advantageous for the company. MaxBill team consists of a multitude of specialists, who have vast knowledge in their expertise and are ready to share it with others. We recognize, however, that mutually beneficial as it is, the process of education is time and energy consuming. That is why, an appreciation program was established for those who consistently participate in this activity, as a speaker or an active listener. Since its establishment in April 2020, the MaxSeminar initiative has been a huge success, with 59 sessions held that year alone. 28 speakers presented various topics — from very technical ones to psychological or economical — some taking a stage more than three times. According to the recent survey, 91% of MaxBillers are satisfied with the presentation delivery they witnessed during seminars. In 2021, we proudly continue the tradition of knowledge sharing in such a format, with more than 25 sessions held since the beginning of the year.

Measurable Impact In 2020

of internal and external trainings
online and offline conferences

Mentorship and Buddy Initiative

It can be very hard to grow without the support system and a solid knowledge base. As a company that builds a highly intricate and complicated solution with more than 25 years of market experience, we recognize the importance of quick and effective onboarding of the new team members. For this reason, MaxBill ensures that upon their very arrival, each newcomer has a mentor to explain all the vital information about the product we work on and a buddy to introduce them into the team culture and soften the often stressful experience of getting used to new people and space. Our newcomers’ feedback shows that MaxBillers appreciate this practice, as it helps them settle in and start on their professional journey faster.

English and Czech Language Lessons

MaxBill is an international company. To keep all team members on the same page, it is crucial for everyone to communicate freely. We ensure this by offering English language lessons for those who needs to brush up their skills. Participation in the Speaking Club every Wednesday is also an activity that many team members find very useful to keep their English fresh. For those residing in Prague, MaxBill offers a Czech language course that helps them adjust to the culture around them, which is highly important for them and the community.

Keeping the Team Well

Medical Fund

Regardless the current epidemiological situation, we care about the team’s wellbeing. We recognize the importance of the regular check-ups and preventive measures when it comes to one’s health. That is why MaxBill has established a medical fund that covers employees medical expenses, including dental, immunizations and vitamins. It is, of course, adjusted to the situation, which means for now we additionally fully cover testing and treatment for those infected with coronavirus.

Medical Fund

Regardless the current epidemiological situation, we care about the team’s wellbeing. We recognize the importance of the regular check-ups and preventive measures when it comes to one’s health. That is why MaxBill has established a medical fund that covers employees medical expenses, including dental, immunizations and vitamins. It is, of course, adjusted to the situation, which means for now we additionally fully cover testing and treatment for those infected with coronavirus.

Office Yoga

Many members of the MaxBill team like to keep the body strong and the spirit refreshed by participating in yoga sessions twice a week. Indeed, switching from intellectual work to physical activity and mind-relaxing practices and back during the day positively influences not only our teammates’ productivity but, more importantly, their well-being and attitude.

Looking Beyond the Team

It is our deep belief, that every individual is responsible for building a better world around themselves and every corporation has a moral obligation to support this responsibility. We care about the footprint MaxBill leaves behind and the influence it has on the local communities in each city it has a resident.

Battery Recycling

We all know, that when batteries are not recycled properly, they release harmful substances, causing pollution both of the soil and water. One of course can collect batteries at home and then take them to the certified recycler, but most people don’t use a lot and used batteries sit in their homes for many months waiting to be taken away. They can get lost, overheat and leak, which is dangerous for the entire household. At MaxBill we have set up a collection box, that fills up much quicker and gets emptied more regularly than each team member’s individual recycling stash. This way people are happy and the planet is hopefully is a little happier too.

Making the City Greener

The MaxBill team never shies away from hard work. We want to see our city beautiful and welcoming, for the locals and tourists alike. We translate our wish into action by making our parks greener, cleaner and more comfortable for visitors.

Kid-friendly Company Policy

MaxBill is proud to position itself as a family-friendly company that constantly organizing inclusive events for our team member’s children, like fun Halloween and New Year’s parties. We also have a support fund for those with newborn babies and a little surprise each Children’s Day.

External Knowledge Sharing

We want our community to be successful and make sure to dedicate effort to support it. MaxBill team members often attend offline and online conferences and meetups as speakers and visitors to share their knowledge with other professionals in the field. We also regularly publish resources and articles on various topics to spark discussions and provide valuable insights on industry specifics.

Get To Know Us Better By Reading The Full Responsibility Report

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