Leveraging the possibilities of the MaxBill billing solution to establish the company as the innovator on the market

Shell Energy Retail is a UK-based company that supplies households 100% renewable electricity, gas and broadband, as well as distributing smart home technology. The company’s core business strategy is to offer a simple, reliable way to deliver services to its customers at a reasonable cost by introducing innovative technology solutions.

Shell Energy deliberately chose the customer-oriented path and shifted focus from the traditional consumer-supplier relationship to an engaging, interactive experience. The new concept required introducing smart meters to ensure accurate billing and organizing business operations that would give users control over energy consumption and enable flawless customer service.

Shell Energy reached MaxBill when it was known as First Utility and needed support in implementing its innovative approach to home energy. The introduction of MaxBill as an all-in-one solution allowed for delivering on this strategy with the maximum benefit for the company and its end-users, helping make Shell Energy one of the leading energy service providers in the region.