For the service providers to secure their future on the market, it is crucial to have the opportunity for scalability and expansion, both in terms of customer base and offering. They need to find a balance between creating new exciting services to add to their portfolio and leveraging the functionality to support them.


MaxBill ensures the successful evolution of any-sized companies that belong to various verticals. To provide the quick and easy expansion of partnership opportunities, unlimited growth of the customer base and control over every aspect of the business processes, MaxBill developed a solution that is capable to fit perfectly into any company strategy and operational specifications.


MaxBIll offers its broad technological ecosystem and many years of expertise in the energy markets to support providers on their business transformation journey.


MaxBill Energy Solution allows companies from various sectors to scale their operations exponentially, managing all their customers, products, services, brands and partners within one comprehensive platform.


MaxBill gives utility providers the modern framework to exercise total control of utility commercial operations with our service-enabling platform.


Our all-in-one solution helps streamline business processes and improve the service offering, simplifying the transition from customer management to customer experience.

Telecom & Connectivity

Manage multiple services and scale your business with automated service delivery, simplified customer support and transparent billing.


MaxBill empowers communication and connectivity providers to do business smarter by gaining deep customer insights, helping them offer more attractive, customized service packages and control customer churn.



The MaxBill iGaming Solution offers a modern approach for B2B business units, creating a standardized framework to streamline and manage the business processes relating to partner management, reconciliation and revenue management.


Our smart solution helps gaming companies automate revenue processes, improving the business agility, security and capacity, thus, allowing for building a stronger partner ecosystem, entering multilayered business agreements and tiered revenue-sharing schemes and growing exponentially on the international markets.

B2B Service Providers

By allowing companies to directly monetize new business and service delivery models and offer creative service packages, MaxBill is empowering the organization to grow its business with improved profitability and increased customer loyalty.


On a strategic level, our solution allows for managing best practices for enforcing modern BSS workflows and efficient operations that are fully integrated across the different departments of the organization.

More Than Just Another Billing Solution

With MaxBill, you can finally shift from tactical operations limited by the functionality of the module-based system and services to a strategic, holistic approach that supports the growth of the business.

Billing & Analytics

Easily handle and automate all billing-related processes across multiple lines of business.

Customer Care

Assure excellent customer experience at all steps of their journey within all of your revenue models.

Partner Management

Enjoy fruitful cooperation with your partners and tenants, while MaxBill takes care of all financial procedures.

Explore All Functionality


Modern Billing Principles

Supports strategic, executive-level decisions and helps improve the profitability, streamline operations and expand service offering.

Allows for defining, configuring and implementing business processes that connect all departments and roles in an organization.

Positions a service provider with the agility to transform the operations in response to constant market changes.

Facilitates a rapid, straightforward deployment of the system that can be later directly maintained by the service provider in-house.

Download our Modern Billing whitepaper that explains the concept of “modern billing” and shows how it fits into different types of service provider business scenarios to deliver tangible business benefits.

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