Supporting the company’s sustainable growth with a scalable billing and customer management solution from MaxBill

Integrio is a triple play service provider based in the Netherlands which provides fixed telephony, Internet and TV services to business and residential customers through own brands across the country. At the same time, Integrio offers small-to-medium service providers a range business management services, including billing, rating, customer management, service provisioning and many more.

After establishing as an independent platform provider for CSPs, Integrio relied on MaxBill to help aggregate all its brands and B2B clients under a single solution to provide its customers with consistent quality and impeccable customer service.

As well as solving current issues, MaxBill was chosen to support the sustainability plan of the company that included further scaling. Having two companies already served within Business-Process-as-a-Service model, Integrio was expecting more prospects to join its network in the future.

While Integrio has greatly transformed since the first encounter with MaxBill in 1999, its partnership with us remained unchanged. MaxBill continues to support Integrio in executing its strategy and achieving business goals.