Best Energy Events in Scandinavia in 2024: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland 

The Nordic energy market is actively developing, with each country maximizing its natural resources in transitioning to renewable energy sources. Each country in the region differs in its natural resources and regulatory policies. These differences are reflected in the event formats and proposed discussions. In this article, we provide a brief overview of the main development directions in the Nordic countries and select the most interesting and important events in the energy sector for you to attend in 2024.

Energy Market of Sweden

Sweden is known for its progressive approach to energy policy, reflected in its commitment to sustainable development and renewable energy sources. Main features of the energy market in Sweden: 

  • High Share of Renewable Sources. Sweden actively uses hydropower and bioenergy, which make up a significant part of its energy production. Wind and solar energy are also receiving increasing attention and investment. 
  • Low Carbon Footprint. Thanks to high energy efficiency standards and significant investment in renewable sources, Sweden has one of the lowest carbon footprints among industrialized countries. 
  • Regulation and Policy. Sweden has strict environmental regulations and standards that encourage the development of clean technologies and energy-efficient solutions. Government programs and subsidies support the transition to renewable sources. 
  • Innovation and Technology. Swedish companies are actively introducing advanced energy technologies, including smart grids, energy storage systems and innovative energy efficiency solutions. 

 Norwegian Energy Market

  • Hydropower. Norway has enormous hydropower potential thanks to its many mountain rivers and lakes. Hydropower forms the backbone of the country’s energy supply, and many hydroelectric dams are used to regulate power grids throughout Europe.  
  • Oil and Gas Industry. Norway is one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas in the world. The Norwegian continental shelf has extensive reserves of these resources, providing the country with significant revenue and export opportunities.  
  • Energy Export Infrastructure. Norway is a major exporter of energy, including electricity and natural gas, to other European countries. Exports are carried out through an extensive network of international submarine cables and gas pipelines.  
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability. Norway is actively investing in energy efficiency and sustainable energy solutions. The country encourages the use of electric vehicles and other technologies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  
  • Regulation and Government Policy. Norway has strict environmental standards and regulations, which promote the development of clean technologies and energy-efficient solutions. Government programs and investments support the transition to more sustainable and efficient energy.
  • Scientific and Technical Progress. Norway is a centre of energy innovation, with many research institutions and companies working to develop new energy technologies and solutions. 

Let’s see what the most significant events will be held in 2024 in Scandinavia – Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland. 

Energimässan 2024 

When: May 22-23, 2024. 

Where: Sweden, Stockholm

Sweden’s largest energy exhibition! Energimässan 2024, organized in cooperation with the Swedish Energy Forum, is the premier event of the year for professionals working in energy, environment and sustainability solutions. The event showcases the latest developments in energy production and technologies, including low-carbon and energy-efficient developments. It covers everything from investment projects to the use and maintenance of sustainable energy facilities in cities and industries. 

This year’s event will focus on climate change and emissions reduction, as well as practical, sustainable and smart energy solutions. With the environment in dire need of help and energy security threatened by new geopolitical factors, Energimässan 2024 is more important than ever. 

The event is for those who offer solutions, not problems. It will bring together engineers, scientists, researchers and business leaders. Now is the time to engage with problem solvers and collaborate for a more sustainable and secure future. 


Swedish Energy Day 2024 

When: 29 May 2024 

Where: Stockholm, Sweden, Hilton Stockholm Slussen 

Swedish Energy Day will offer participants a wealth of expert opinions and unprecedented networking opportunities in the Swedish energy sector. This conference promises to take an in-depth look at the current energy market landscape. 

The program will begin with a discussion on “Price Drivers”, which will discuss the relationship between the global economy and the energy sector and examine the key price drivers shaping the energy market in 2024. 

The topic “Financial Electricity Market” will look at strategies for reversing trends in the financial electricity market. In addition, a representative from the Nordic Electricity Traders Association will assess the potential impact of zonal futures on the electricity market. 

The conference will also address the topic of Green Markets, looking at the prospects for GO prices and the potential for green energy in Sweden, as well as the sustainability of baseload PPAs for Swedish wind power. 

Under the topic “The Future of the Swedish and Nordic Energy System”, industry experts will discuss the impact of fusion power, the prerequisites for new nuclear initiatives, and the possibility of achieving 30 TWh of solar power in Sweden by 2030. 

The last session will focus on “Market Coupling”, discussing flow-based market coupling, looking at the potential implications of Sweden’s battery boom for balancing markets, and exploring the potential applications of artificial intelligence in the Nordic energy system. 


Finnish Energy Day 2024 

When: 13 June 2024 

Where: Helsinki, Finland, Scandic Marina Congress Center Helsinki 

As Finland continues to champion renewable energy and environmental sustainability, its energy market is developing rapidly. With ambitious environmental targets and a strong commitment to reducing carbon emissions, Finland is at the forefront of Europe’s energy transition. 

The conference program includes a series of substantive sessions and panel discussions: 

  • Finland’s Green Goal. Find out how Finland can play a leading role in the energy transition, including grid and market perspectives, and the transition from coal to small nuclear power to ensure a sustainable energy supply for Helsinki. 
  • Finland – The Most Volatile Market in Europe. Discuss the prospects for wind and solar power in Finland, increasing spot market volatility, and the future of European gas and LNG markets. Analysts will present a forecast for winter 24/25, and experts will review the Nordic electricity price forecast and new contract structures for financial energy trading. 
  • Electricity Trading Session. Gain insight into the Guarantee of Origin market, PPA price dynamics in Finland and the Baltic region, and take part in a panel discussing new contract structures for financial energy trading. 

The event provides a unique opportunity to network with key industry players and explore new business potentials.  


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ONS 2024 

When: 26.08.2024 – 29.08.2024 

Where: Exhibition and Conference, Stavanger Forum, Gunnar Warebergsgate 13 4021 Stavanger, Norway

More than 60,000 visitors from 100 countries. More than 1,000 exhibitors from 82 countries are participating, 1000+ speakers on key energy topics

Climate change is high on the agenda. Through generosity, collaboration and fair redistribution solutions, we can collectively fight this crisis and pave the way to a sustainable future. 

In a world plagued by insecurity, unity is of paramount importance. By uniting, we can protect our way of life and ensure a stable energy market for everyone. Let’s imagine a world of normalized security and stability. 

Leadership is the key to navigating these turbulent times. With inspiration, responsibility and courage, we can lead the way to a brighter future. Imagine the impact of true global leadership. 

Technology is the key to unlocking new opportunities. From renewable energy solutions to innovative emissions reduction technologies, the sky is the limit. Let us use the power of imagination to advance progress. 

Join ONS 2024 

European Biomass to Power 2024

When: 11-12 September 2024

Where: Helsinki, Finland 

The event will bring together industry leaders, experts and those seeking to expand their knowledge, bringing together a diverse group of decision-makers to discuss the future of the biomass to power generation industry. 

Helsinki, with its strong commitment to the environment and renewable energy, offers an ideal forum for discussion. The event aims to discuss critical aspects of the industry such as biomass feedstock availability, competition and the environmental impact of biomass power generation projects. 

Presentation topics will include sustainable use of biomass, regulatory frameworks and strategies for minimizing the environmental footprint. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the future directions of the industry and areas requiring development. 

European Biomass to Power 2024 provides a unique opportunity to network with key industry players and explore new business opportunities. Join us for two days of collaboration and discovery in Helsinki. 


VIND 2024 

When: 22-23 October 2024 

Where: Sweden, Stockholm, Waterfront Congress Centre Stockholm 

Northern Europe’s largest meeting place for the wind energy industry 

Welcome to the main event for the wind energy industry in Sweden! On October 22-23, 2024, industry leaders, politicians and public sector representatives will gather on Stockholm’s waterfront for the largest annual wind industry meeting place in the Nordic region. The number of visitors is expected to be around 1,000. 

In the exhibition hall, participants will be able to network and hold business meetings. The seminar program includes key messages from prominent figures in politics, government and business. The program will be translated into English for our international guests. 


We are still working on this article and selecting the best energy events in Scandinavia for you. New events will be added soon. Stay tuned!

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