Tenant Billing Solution

MaxBill Utility SaaS is a tenant billing software that allows private and commercial building owners to return on investments with automatic billing based on usage or apportionment. Managing multiple independent systems can be inefficient and costly


With MaxBill tenant billing system, we offer a seamless billing system that automates billing for you. Tenants occupying multiple properties with different meters can combine them into one bill for each type of utility. The invoice can be designed with your property’s branding, and payment options can be set up to automatically email to a designated recipient


Automate the end-to-end processes of billing for tenants!

MaxBill Tenant Billing Solution is Ideal for

MaxBill tenant_billing

Managing companies that provide services for both commercial and residential rental properties

– Housing Associations

– Utility Managing Company

– Councils/ Municipal management company

– Resident Management Company

– Property Management Company

– Private and Small Landlords

All Types of Utilities and Services

– Electricity

– Water

– Gas

– Heating and Cooling Systems

– Waste

– EV Charging

– Communal services.

– Refuse – Garbage Collection, Sewer.​

– Telco Services​

– Internet​

Key Benefits leveraging MaxBill tenant billing software for You

Compliant tenant billing

Bill tenants based on actual usage or apportionment calculated using access schedules and tenant demise areas. Set different billing conditions and multiple tariffs for individual tenants in a transparent way. 

Maximum efficiency

Use one system instead of several different ones. Easily expand and enhance your service package. Service any property type and tenant business models.

Fast time to market  

Launch new products and tenant services quickly. Provide a greater value proposition, increase tenant loyalty, and boost property profitability. 

Scale your business, protect cash flow, and drive tenant satisfaction!

Our solution enables housing associations, utility managing company, councils and municipal management company or private landlords to manage tenant processes, multiple services and offers attractive packages with zero-touch simplified customer support and transparent billing.

Quickly create services or service packages with multi-tariff capability, including tariffs and fees, such as time-use charges, peak demand charges, block charges, additional fees, and late fees.  

Easily manage tenant lifecycle, lease terms, contact details, etc. Set up different payment relationships (payment in one bill for several properties, parents paying for children’s flats, etc.).

MaxBill automatically reads consumption data from tenant meters and submeters, so it’s easy to generate error-free invoices.

Find out where energy is being used, recognise trends and anomalies, and identify opportunities to reduce consumption.  

Generate invoices in any format (PDF, Word, Excel, image) and send them to individual tenants or groups of tenants within a property. Invoices can be branded with the property owner’s logo. Maintain a full historical record of unpaid and paid invoices. Provide partial invoices if a tenant moves out and requires an invoice for the beginning of the month before a specified date. Re-invoice, if errors are found. 

Give tenants control over their costs and consumption. The Tenant SelfCare portal comes complete with a customisable insights dashboard and access to previous bills. 

Get a comprehensive overview of the financial health of your tenant business. Keep track of billed amounts, received receipts, and outstanding balances with analyses by object and property type, period, etc. 

Identify contracts with a high probability of debt using the MaxBill Machine Learning Model. Simulate in advance the measures that can be taken to avoid debt.

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Who succeeds with MaxBill tenant billing solution

Are you curious to know how companies benefit from MaxBill Tenant Billing Solution?  See our Clients’ success stories.

How does MaxBill's tenant billing system cultivate tenant loyalty?

Residential and commercial property owners who do not use software solutions to automate tenant billing, or who use outdated, inflexible systems, can face some operational and customer service challenges. The manual billing process can be time-consuming and error-prone, resulting in inaccurate invoices and delays in payment processing. This leads to frustration for both property owners and tenants, potentially worsening their relationship, reducing loyalty and overloading call centres with questions.

Outdated or non-existent tenant billing systems negatively impact these processes, making it difficult to track billing cycles, reconcile payments and generate reports efficiently. Lack of organisation can lead to administrative inefficiencies and difficulties in managing financial reporting, impacting overall operational efficiency.

Implementing a tenant billing solution or upgrading outdated tenant billing software will greatly simplify billing processes, even the most complex bills with multiple services (water, electricity, internet, gas, heating, etc.), a complex billing system. This in turn will improve the relationship between landlord and tenant. With MaxBill’s automatic billing software, property owners can generate accurate invoices, set up recurring payments and send invoices to tenants conveniently, track payment receipts and manage revenue. This saves time, money and reduces the chance of errors and increases transparency and trust between property owners and tenants.

In addition, MaxBill’s tenant billing software allows property owners to provide detailed information on utility usage, allowing tenants to understand better and control their consumption. This transparency leads to better communication and cooperation between both parties, ultimately resulting in smoother interactions between tenants and landlords and increased tenant satisfaction.

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