MaxBill turns your billing operation into a competitive advantage

MaxBill delivers service providers a modern approach to billing, service delivery and customer experience management. The MaxBill solution for Modern Billing is enabling service providers worldwide to implement their innovative business models with a strategic and holistic approach to business operations and revenue generation.

CIO Story

A Telco must have wide cross selling options available from different verticals

Analyst Coverage

Read about MaxBill and our Modern Billing strategy in a recent analyst report from Quindi Research on “New Directions in Energy Retail: Billing & CIS for Competitive Edge”

Customer Success

Learn how First:Utility in the United Kingdom is benefiting from Modern Billing in a case study analyst report from Stratecast.

Modern Billing Whitepaper

Download our new whitepaper on "Modern Billing: Strategic Revenue Generation for Service Businesses".

LogNet Systems & MaxBill

Since 1996, the MaxBill solution has been helping communications, TV, content, utilities, financial, and transportation service providers worldwide grow their businesses in rapidly-changing, highly competitive markets.

MaxBill is a part of LogNet Systems, which is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has offices and representation across EMEA, APAC, and Americas.

Modern Billing Whitepaper

Modern Billing represents a strategic shift from tactical operations to a holistic approach that supports business growth.

This informative whitepaper explains how Modern Billing can turn your BSS operation into a competitive advantage and help your business grow.

Download Modern Billing whitepaper now.