Leveraging the market opportunities by matching a B2B2C business model to a complex billing solution from MaxBill

MaxBill has originally started the partnership with RoutIT, which has since become a part of the larger Dutch telecom group, KPN. RoutIT is a nation-wide service provider in the Netherlands that offers Internet, cloud, connectivity and communication services for small to medium-size businesses. The company entered the market with an innovation for that time: a B2B2C business model, where all services were offered indirectly via local partners only. 

Since partnering with KPN, a country’s leading Internet service provider, the two brands have significantly strengthened their market positions, signing new partners all over the Netherlands. The expanding network demanded new, better ways of billing, partner managing and service operation. As part of its business strategy, KPN also relies on custom service offerings and the possibility to adjust to the market changes to stand out among other providers. 

Introducing MaxBill allowed KPN to elevate its partner-based business model through direct control over its business processes. The MaxBill solution became the tool the company could use to manage internal processes independently and make fast changes to utilize emerging market opportunities.