MaxBill prioritises a partner-centric strategy

Empowering Innovative Multi-Offer Utilities

Elevate revenue & customer satisfaction through strategic collaboration with MaxBill's
modern solutions. 

With a strong partner-centred culture at all levels, MaxBill’s processes and systems reflect the strategy of cooperation.

We build open relationships with our partners, first by training and helping to promote, and then by communicating transparently and openly, listening, adjusting, and adding value to the partnership. 



We aim to cultivate an environment where our partner network thrives, ensuring that partners find MaxBill products both lucrative and convenient to work with. 

Discover the Benefits of Partnering with MaxBill

Strategic Portfolio Expansion

Launch new products & services to gain

a competitive edge by catering into  

diverse customer needs.

Client Growth & 

Attract new clients & nurture existing

ones with advanced, value-added 

services & holistic solutions.

Optimized Services 

for Increased Value

Turn your services into customer-centric, optimizing consumption management

for both you & your clients.

Integrated Solutions
for Seamless Growth 

Provide comprehensive billing & CRM solutions, within clients’ systems,

and open avenues for cross-selling


Broaden your expertise in E&U solutions, become a knowledgeable partner offering a full cycle approach — from initial advice to implementation.

Full-Cycle Customer Solutions 

Offer clients complete methods, showing your commitment to excellence from the initial advice to full execution.

MaxBill Advantages 

Mature product from SW vendor with 28 years of experience 


Start Partnering for Growth! 

Partners in MaxBill Ecosystem

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Developers of Utility & Energy Solutions 

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System integrators 

3777745 1

Metering Solution & Service Providers 

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in Utility & Energy 

 How do we shape the future together with partners?

Marketing & Sales Support 

Our support includes guiding new partners, launching joint marketing initiatives, proactively engaging with potential partners, and providing comprehensive assistance throughout the implementation of MaxBill solutions.


Partners gain access to an array of marketing materials and content, including presentations, case studies, videos,

and more. MaxBill extends support in client communication, offering assistance in demo preparations, crafting commercial proposals, and providing client recommendations.

Onboarding & Knowledge Base 

Our thorough onboarding process ensures that our partners fully grasp the capabilities of the MaxBill solution. Leveraging 
our experts’ insights, we’ve curated an extensive knowledge base, including product details

and the best practices, which we share with our partners to enhance their client interactions and bolster their expertise. 

Integration & implementation 

By providing our partners with an implementation framework, tools, a free trial environment and business

processes / descriptions, we facilitate a fast and successful implementation process through a low-code configuration.


You can sell MaxBill software products on their own or bundled with your solutions. The seamless integration

with ERP and meter systems allows customers to consolidate or replace multiple client systems with one cohesive solution.

Types of Partners 


Responsible for promoting and selling MaxBill products or services directly

to end customers in the utility and energy sectors.

This involves overseeing the entire sales cycle, from lead generation to deal closure, and actively expanding customer reach across diverse geographical regions.


As Integrators, your expertise lies in expertly managing the complete MaxBill implementation process, ensuring seamless deployment. Additionally, you play a vital role in integrating MaxBill with various customer IT products and services, crafting holistic and tailored solutions for optimal performance 

and client satisfaction. This includes localization in accordance with 

regional legislation and the provision of robust technical support for

integrated solutions. 


Specializing in providing expert guidance on technology strategies, consultants assist clients in making informed decisions about the MaxBill implementation.


Working closely with clients to understand their needs and challenges, consultants offer recommendations on the optimal MaxBill modules

to address those requirements. They also contribute to maximizing the effectiveness of the IT solution through education and training sessions

at MaxBill.

We greatly value our partnership

Neil Williams

CEO of Tilix AI

“Utilities are facing unique issues that have never been seen in the history of the industry,” says Neil Williams, CEO of Tilix. “By establishing this partnership we ensure that our clients get a first-class multi-utility solution that is efficient and cost-effective.”  Read more 

Grow your business with MaxBill

Unlock new opportunities for your business! Reach out to us now to discover how partnering with us can boost your profits, expand your customer base, and provide access to cutting-edge solutions. Let’s start building a successful future together!  


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