The MaxBill approach for maximising business value from billing software


Just one-third of the overall functionality can deliver 70-80% of the total gain from the project for your business.

MaxBill doesn’t want to be one of many vendors — we want to become the one you need. We do not seek for customers — we look for partners. The modern billing approach is based on the belief that only long-term cooperation brings maximum value for every party. To ensure that, MaxBill has developed an innovative method of project implementation, MaxValue.

MaxValue allows businesses to utilize the advantages of the MaxBill solution on every stage of the deployment. It is created to meet the needs of present-day companies that expect the billing solution to be more than a simple invoice calculation. 

The MaxValue whitepaper explains how MaxBill’s approach makes the difference in project implementation and enables companies in the utility, telco and gaming domains to get the most from the solution deployment.