Telecom Billing Software and CRM for Telecommunication and Connectivity

An end-to-end telecom billing software and CRM for telecoms and connectivity providers that introduces an innovative approach to revenue management.

Digital transformation raises a high bar for service delivery and customer experience management, dictating its terms even for the level of expected business growth. In that framework, Communication Service Providers (CSP) are now struggling even more to find a way to differentiate their services, maintain the attractiveness of their offerings and improve the efficiency of their operations.

MaxBill Telecom Billing Solution being a quintessence of our two-decades implementation experience and industry best practices, offers an all-in-one billing, revenue and customer experience management platform to cover the full range of telecom service offerings, from traditional triple and quad play, FNOs and MNOs to modern connectivity services.

Leverage easy-to-use software solution and enable order management, customer care and ongoing expense management for your telecom environment, allowing your business to gain a powerful tool that encourages multi-service delivery to meet evolving customer needs and efficiently monetize the entire company’s service portfolio.

Find your Telecom Billing Solutions

Triple play / Quad play

MaxBill telecom billing solution helps operators manage and bundle various prepaid, postpaid, retail and wholesale communication services, assign flexible pricing to their offerings, execute mission-critical rating and billing, collect payments and offer exceptional customer experience. Our solution efficiently addresses the business pain points and reduces administrative burdens and OPEX, allowing for the planned strategic growth of triple and quad play communication service providers.

ICT Solution Provider

Our telecoms billing software fully supports innovative and traditional product and service offerings, complex rating schemes and diverse business models needed to increase influence on the telecom market. We provide direct and two-side billing of partners and subscribers, calculate revenue sharing models and settlements between network operators, companies and partners.

Fiber Network Operators FTTH and FTTE

MaxBill Telecom Billing Solution provides end-to-end tools for automation and orchestration of custom business processes to streamline operations, streamlining complex provisioning, customer management and service delivery. We ensure strategic support and rapid growth, helping businesses easily roll out, manage the entire service life cycle and expand Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) and Fiber-to-the-Enterprise (FTTE) offerings, providing them with a significant market advantage. 


The solution gives MNOs and MVNEs the flexibility to enrol and monetize new services quicker and more efficiently, integrate with network providers and fulfilment partners easily to make the business stand out and truly differentiate their offering. With MaxBill, they get the strategic framework, resources, platform and industry expertise needed to grow the brand and continue reinforcing their value proposition.

Connectivity City Services

Our end-to-end SaaS telecom billing solution gives small and medium ICPs, municipalities, telecom companies and service-enables the ability to build a smart city ecosystem, ensuring continuous connectivity for all residents. Allow instant access to online services that are provided by the municipality from households and city hall departments, educational institutions, medical facilities, etc.

Designed Specifically for CSPs

MaxBill telecom billing system is designed to meet the specific needs of communication service providers, featuring a functionality to enhance every aspect of business processes. Being an end-to-end, integrated solution, MaxBill manifests a holistic approach turning billing operations, customer support, service delivery and data management into a coherent system.

The MaxBill solution provides multi-tenancy capabilities with the possibility to manage multiple revenue-generating companies and brands in one single instance.

MaxBill’s automated order management reduces errors and failures while processing customer orders from the initial enquiry to the service activation.

MaxBill helps to make billing processes precise and accurate, reducing the number of disputes on mischarges and billing errors, as well as rapidly handling dispute queries once they occur.

Keep track of all the information about each account, gaining control over the billing process, and make personalized service offers based on customer’s preferences.

Turn Challenges into Opportunities with the MaxBill Telecom Billing System

“The competition is getting tougher and tougher. We are constantly losing customers, and new services are hard to add to the portfolio.”

The 5G/6G deployment and expansion, AI and ML adaptation and reliability, smart house and automation—these telecom trends demand more scalability from providers. With MaxBill’s multi-tenancy, companies can maintain global competitiveness and boost productivity, while taking advantage of the emerging trends, improve customer experiences and decrease customer churn.

“We feel slowed down by our infrastructure. Changes are slow and extremely costly, and with the limited resources we have, they seem impossible.”

MaxBill Telecom billing solution is designed to meet the needs of the modern successful telecom provider to support growth strategy goals and facilitate the transition to modern, technology-powered processes.

“Our invoice calculation processes are controlled manually and are too time-consuming. Invoices sent to our customers are often also incorrect and we are losing money and business because of that.”

With MaxBill, billing and invoicing processes are highly automated, and our intelligent invoice verification prevents the sending of obviously incorrect invoices. Gain new resources for value-adding tasks instead of manually handling standard processes all day long. 

“The implementation of format changes is very complex and involves significant adaptation costs.”

MaxBill delivers all format changes, tax and regulatory adjustments automatically. This not only saves you time and money but also allows you to concentrate on more important things: customer satisfaction and new business models. Are you looking for an FTTH billing system for you ICP? Request a demo.

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