MaxBill AI Models

Enriching customer experience and boosting revenue 

through GenAI & ML innovation

Support innovative GenAI & ML
use cases for CRM and revenue management, such as personalized communication, automation of inbound contact management, client’s retention

and anomaly or fraud detection.

Unlock the potential

of Artificial intelligence with MaxBill MLP 


Churn rate 

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Customer debt 

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Engage users in self 
service powered 

by AI 

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Align a custom model with your unique needs

 Our revolutionary GenAI and ML models redefine the landscape of customer support, predictive analytics, 
and proactive maintenance in billing operations. 

Example of models 

Enhance customer experience & reduce customer churn  

Customer care call models that provide risk indication of customer’s probability of churning to other service provider.

Bulk processes define segments of customers requiring attention

and transfer them to the customer retention team. Next action

options are presented for the specific customer on their

summary screen.

Model is designed to:

Customer’s debt risk prediction 

Identify contracts with a high risk of future debt and analyse the key factors contributing to the customer’s debt. MaxBill’s ML debt prediction model is based on relevant parameters tailored to individual client requirements. This model offers adaptability, allowing for the expansion of parameters to align with the specific business characteristics and unique needs of each company. 

Call center and self-care support for billing quries with GenAI chatbots  

Personalise the customer experience and provide support with “Virtual CSR” chatbot. The chatbot engages in conversations with customers, responds to billing and service inquiries, and explains bill content, among other tasks Conversational bots enhance customer service by directly integrating with MaxBill models. 

Model answers billing queries, accepts readings registers support 

requests, and generates reports for clients on the fly. 

Learn how we utulize Machine Learning Platform to introduce
new models for client spesific needs 

AI is an embedded part of the MaxBill solution and includes the following components: MaxBill Machine Learning Platform (MaxBill MLP). It is a platform for implementing and managing ML models, supporting the entire lifecycle of ML models, from data collection and model design to training, deployment to production, execution, and performance evaluation. 


MLP consists of a “training camp” environment and a production environment for deployed models. It interfaces with the models provided by online APIs, schedules jobs for bulk processing, and provides a user interface for what-if forecasts. Out-performed models are sent back to training camps for adjustment and tuning, allowing us to consistently refine and enhance the predictive capabilities of our machine learning algorithms. We are constantly expanding the scope of MLP to help companies maximize their benefits.

What-IF simulation 

The ‘what-if’ simulation leverages ML to explore various action sequences that can maximise debt recovery efforts.  The system provides predictions on the likelihood of success. Artificially simulating several possible action permutations helps find the action sequence that could maximise collections and expedite debt resolution. Utilities can appreciate the uniqueness of each customer’s situation, providing personalised intervention scenarios – creating targeted payment plans and proactive engagement strategies. 

MLP Training Camp
MLP Production

Transforming Challenges into Benefits 

MaxBill AI Models empower your business to thrive by providing a comprehensive set of benefits. 

Possible areas of use:

Customer Retention

With the right insights and proactive measures, companies can address  the challenges of customer churn, ensuring that customers remain loyal and engaged for the long term, thereby gaining a competitive advantage in the industry market. 


Cash Flow 

With improved consumer debt management, companies enjoy a more stable and reliable cash flow, 
contributing to the overall financial well-being
of the organisation. 



Accurately identifying accounts with a high risk 
of non-payment reduces bad debts 

and preserves company revenues.

Drive Sustained 

Growth Business 

Harness the transformative potential of adaptive Machine Learning models to optimize various areas of your business MaxBill MLMs can be created to specific business needs and processes. 


to transform your business with AI?

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