MaxBill facilitates digital transformation for various verticals, including energy and utility, with its utility billing solutions. Therefore, we were interested in the community members’ opinions on the importance of some aspects of digital transformation and the overall state of innovation in companies of different specialities.

Over five weeks, we gathered insights from industry professionals, who came from a variety of sectors. Our survey consisted of two blocks of questions regarding the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and specifically the state of intelligent automation inside organizations. The responses were provided from multiple sub-sectors: 46% came from the energy producers, providers, resellers and consultant companies, 23% of participants were software vendors for power and utility, 15% dealt with renewables, and the other 16% came from other utility and municipality service providers. This is very exciting as gives us a broader picture not only of the state of the industry as a whole but of its every corner.

The survey was kept anonymous, but all of the respondents who wished to get the results were the first ones to read the report. If you’d be interested in participating in any of our other upcoming surveys, stay tuned for more information over on social media or get in touch via

Meanwhile, download the report below to discover more about the state of innovation and automation in the utility and energy industry.