Standing Strong with Ukraine – MaxBill’s support statement

MaxBill is a multinational company, and Ukraine has always been in its heart since a lot of MaxBillers call Ukraine their home. That is why back in 2014, MaxBill faced the Donbas tragedy up close and personal. Our core team had to move from Donetsk to safe places and rebuild their lives in response to Russian occupation. 

And now we’re facing it all over again. On the 24th of February this year, Russia’s full-scale invasion marked the beginning of an unjustified war against Ukrainian people. It caused humanitarian disaster, suffering, and pain in every corner of Ukraine, as well as severe and long-lasting consequences for the whole world.

So today each and every one of our MaxBill family – Ukrainian or not – expresses their unwavering support for Ukraine and the principles of freedom, democracy, and sovereignty it has always been built on. 

Supporting Ukrainian people

As a company, MaxBill stands entirely and wholeheartedly with our colleagues, family, and friends in Ukraine. We are readily backing up their choices and decisions – whether it’s to join the resistance forces, volunteer or relocate to a safer location. In light of this, we have commenced an emergency relocation support plan for MaxBillers and their families. At the same time, we are contributing to the humanitarian efforts and fundraising initiatives that help people in Ukraine who are on the front line fighting against Russian aggression.

MaxBill Business Continuity

One of our top priorities is to secure stability and smooth business operation in emergency circumstances. As an immediate response, the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery program was activated within hours, ensuring complete protection of all data and digital infrastructure. Our clients’ support services are fully operational, and the delivery process runs without interruptions.

We are sure of Ukraine’s victory and its bright future after the war. Economic prosperity is an inseparable part of that future, so we are determined to contribute to that by making sure that our business is stable and effective. MaxBill works continuously on developing new partnerships, launching innovative projects, and exploring prospective markets.

Help Ukraine Win

We greatly appreciate all the support and solidarity our partners and clients provide to Ukrainian people. This is truly the time when even a single person’s active contribution can make a huge difference. Partaking in anti-war protests, communicating the truthful facts about what is happening in Ukraine, or making donations to fund humanitarian, defense and medical needs – it all helps!

Below we’re sharing links to reputable organizations in need of assistance to maintain the fierce and effective resistance to Russia’s invasion and provide necessary aid for the people of Ukraine.

The Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic
Help Ukraine Win” fund by tech community
Donate to Ukrainian Army support via “Come back alive
Donate for Ukraine’s Armed Forces
Donate for humanitarian aid via “Nova Ukraine”
Razom” volunteers community
Take part in Protests around the world

Information you can trust

There is a lot of disinformation floating around regarding what is really happening in Ukraine. Fraudulent photos and videos, fake news stories, and misleading headlines are being spread widely on the internet. To stay clear of misinformation, we highly recommend you use trustworthy and fact-checked media channels. you can always verify your sources with reputable journalist institutions, such as Nieman Lab, just to make sure.

United we stand!

And last but not least – in such turbulent and extreme circumstances, it might feel very natural to show violence and aggression towards each other. Justice will prevail in the end, and we need to be resilient and firmly protect the truth.

Still we must also remember to stay humane and not spread hatred for the sake of hating. There is enough of that right now as it is, and certainly, only the wrong people will benefit from it.

Despite the long and hard fight, we believe this war will end soon, Ukrainians will win their freedom and begin rebuilding a prosperous future for their country. We are all working together on this!

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