Right now we are running a short and fully anonymous survey that will give us insight into the current state of innovation in the iGaming world. All professionals belonging to the gaming sector in any capacity are welcome to participate.

Unlike some other sectors that were hit hard by the pandemic, the gaming industry actually grew 12% last year and is not going to stop. The influence and revenue of the igaming businesses are increasing, and so does the number of complex business relationships. Consequently, many companies had to adjust their internal processes, including partner and customer management, to better fit the requirements of the fast-growing industry.

It is not a coincidence, that intelligent automation and customer-centric business approach are the trending topics in gaming right now. However, the implementation of the new technology is a tricky process: the innovation doesn’t happen in one day.

As a trusted digital transformation provider for gaming businesses, MaxBill constantly analyzes the state of the industry to deliver the most fitting solution and information to companies there.

We expect to get valuable data during the next 4-5 weeks. Shortly after we plan to analyze it and distribute the resulting report along with corresponding recommendations, so that all interested would get an idea of where the industry realistically is.