MaxBill has extended the deployment of its online customer self-care solution for Derech Eretz, the leading toll road operator in Israel.

MaxBill recently deployed its Account Manager Suite (AMS), providing online customer self-care capabilities for travellers on Derech Eretz’s new Carmel Tunnels toll road. MaxBill’s online customer self-care solution enables the Carmel Tunnel customers to independently and securely manage account information, including registering for subscription services, viewing usage (travel) details and paying for invoices.

The self-care solution creates an important customer payment option and saves Derech Eretz significant operational expenses associated with printing and mailing invoices. By allowing Carmel Tunnel customers to independently manage account information, the MaxBill solution also relieves Derech Eretz call center staff from handling routine customer care tasks and frees time to deal with more complex customer inquiries.

“When we originally engaged MaxBill for our Road 6 operation we achieved a rapid return-on-investment. By extending the solution, we are enjoying the benefits from the opening of our new Carmel Tunnel toll road operation.”

Miri Dvash-Hermoni , CIO at Derech Eretz

The customer self-care capabilities provided by MaxBill are directly integrated into a branded self-care portal on Carmel Tunnel’s web site and are an extension of the online customer self-care solution currently used by Derech Eretz’s Road 6 (Kvish 6) toll road.