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Communal Energy Partners (former SW Energy), the key player on the market of communal and district heating services, continues to enhance its service offering to customers and the industry.

The MaxBill team is proud to support CEP in their aim to deliver excellent customer experience and the highest quality single-point service while transforming the market, by providing them with a SaaS-based holistic billing and CRM solution. Our team makes sure that CEP has all the needed scalability to grow and add new services, as well as the capability to support any usage model while meeting all of the company’s key requirements.

Our team is delighted to support Communal Energy Partners in challenging the status quo in the communal energy sector. By integrating the MaxBill SaaS solution, CEP will future-proof their company, digitally transforming it for further growth and exceeding market expectations, –

Yaroslav Tkachenko, Vice President of Agile Delivery at MaxBill

Communal Energy Partners offer communal services for residential and mixed-use schemes throughout the UK. They deliver a fully managed, turn-key solution for developers, managing agents, housing associations and resident management companies. Their modern business approach focuses on customers, empowering each one of them with an end-to-end solution fitted seamlessly to their demand.

MaxBill is set to replace a variety of platforms and applications that will converge business processes and simplify CEP’s internal workflows. Our solution will allow CEP to get the maximum efficiency out of their processes, simultaneously reducing the cost of everyday operations. It will also help them deliver superior customer care to the consumers by covering such key processes as meter reading management, billing and bill formatting, order management and workflow processing. The MaxBill solution is fully compatible with major third-party applications, to support the partnership networks and broaden the business opportunities for CEP.

We are very much looking forward to working with the team at MaxBill. The transformation of our business and progress towards meeting our strategic goals will be greatly assisted by the introduction of this new solution. I am very pleased to have the support of the dedicated and collaborative team at Maxbill, –

Darren Cochrane, Managing Director at Communal Energy Partners

On behalf of the entire MaxBill team, we thank Communal Energy Partners for the trust they put in us and are positive that our cooperation will bring wonderful achievements.

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