Another great news to share: MaxBill has been selected by DsTs, a company belonging to Mailtec Holding and a subsidiary of CTT Correios de Portugal, the national postal administration service of Portugal, to deploy a managed customer management and billing platform throughout Portugal.

“For our customers, we are rolling out a novel service platform based on the MaxBill solution that will expand their revenue collection capacity, while removing expensive IT and operational costs. The flexibility of the MaxBill technology uniquely positions us to satisfy the immediate needs out current customer base easily adapt the solution to meet future deployment requirements.”

Luis Filipe Santos, board member at DsTs

MaxBill will deploy a managed solution for DsTs to provide a customer management and billing platform to manage and bill a variety of entities across Portugal. The deployed solution will include the MaxBill product suite with modules for customer relationship management, metering, invoicing and product catalog as well as the Account Manager Suite (AMS) with web-based modules for customers to access the account information (self-care) and pay invoices (e-Billing) on the Internet. MaxBill will provide a multi-tenant architecture enabling DsTs to independently configure the deployed solution to the specific customer management processes, order management workflows and billing configurations of each entity from a single instance of the managed platform.

“We are excited that DsTs has chosen to work with MaxBill. “This innovative implementation typifies the strong growth we are experiencing as a company based on our unique flexibility to support the customer management and billing requirements of service providers across all types of vertical markets.”

Kirill Rechter, CEO of MaxBill

The solution will initially be deployed by MaxBill across Portugal. A follow-up deployment is also planned to extend the managed customer management and billing platform throughout the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (PALOP), which includes a number of countries in Africa and Southeast Asia as well as Brazil.