Multi-Utility Digital Transition: Insights and Pracices

Discover customer management and billing solution for Energy & Utilities providers

MaxBill is a full-featured customer management and billing solution. Pairing such a powerful platform with our deep market knowledge, we help service providers in the energy, utility, and telecom industries acquire an important competitive advantage and become market leaders in the age of commoditized services, intense competition, rapid product innovation, changes in business models and evolving customer expectations.
MaxBill is built with a multitenant architecture and can be deployed on-premise or as a hosted solution in a SaaS model. The solution includes a flexible workflow engine that allows business processes to be configured to specific operational requirements and reach all departments in an organization. It features advanced rating options with support for prepaid, postpaid and hybrid charge and strong partner reconciliation capabilities with support for revenue sharing schemes with third-party vendors.

Shell Energy Retail


Utilities, broadband, telephony


United Kingdom

Mark Daeche

Founder at First Utility / currently Shell Energy Retail

“MaxBill allows us to turn our smart meter readings into competitive advantages and generate full value from our customers, while the possibilities for adding services supported by complex bundling scenarios are endless.”

Cloud for Utilities: migration strategies & value to the business

MaxBill dwells on the cloud technology in utilities, business outcomes & cloud migration scenarios.

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Utility customer experience: how automation tackles key challenges

MaxBill explains how automation saves the day with utility customer experience.

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Energy billing: how to help customers avoid bill complaints, debts, and blackouts

MaxBill explores the ways energy suppliers can prevent customers’ energy debts and blackouts.

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6 red flags for utilities to switch to a better and more agile billing solution

MmaxBill gives a detailed overlook of the signs that it’s time for the utility provider to consider another more enhanced billing solution.

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Energy transition: tech trends that bring utilities on top

MaxBill analyzes the main forces driving energy transition – decarbonization, digitalization, decentralization, and democratization – as well as new trends, challenges and opportunities for utilities caused by these forces.

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Europe Energy Crisis 2021-2022: EU’s response to the industry’s woes

MaxBill dwells on the energy market crisis 2022, solutions for energy suppliers and customers.

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YASNO, Ukraine’s Biggest Energy Supplier, Has Selected MaxBill to Support Company’s Strategic Digital Transformation

MaxBill is delighted to announce that it is to enrol the company’s award-winning MaxBill Energy Solution for operational holding D.Solutions and YASNO, an umbrella brand operating within Ukraine’s largest private energy holding, DTEK.

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MaxBill Teams Up with Champion Energy to Provide Top-Quality Services for SMEs in the UK

MaxBill is pleased to welcome a new client — Champion Energy, UK’s energy supplier for SMBs.

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MaxBill and Clever Energy to Cooperate in Service Digitization for Communal and District Heating Networks in the UK

MaxBill is proud to partner with Clever Energy to transform the heating industry in the UK

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