Smarts grids and deregulation are changing the market landscape for utilities services. Smart grids are enabling utilities providers to offer new scaled pricing schemes that were never previously possible, while deregulation is creating opportunities for new suppliers to enter the market. Despite this, utilities remain a commodity service and the differences among service providers are mostly marginal.
An incumbent or a new entrant can leverage its customer experience management, service delivery and billing activities as competitive advantages to distinguish its service offerings, attract new customers and grow its business.
However, most utilities providers are using outdated IT systems and processes that are unable to cope with the rapid changes that are occurring in the market. The mindset of many established utilities providers is not prepared for competition and this is reflected in the legacy IT systems and inefficient practices that are currently in place. This, however, is creating opportunities for new service providers to enter the market where deregulation is happened.
As a result of deregulation, many utilities providers are looking for ways to enter new service markets and expand their core service offerings. This is a similar situation that happened in the telco and communications sector when markets began to deregulate 10 to 15 years ago.
The MaxBill solution enables utilities providers to manage multiple services and offer attractive packages with zero-touch, automated service delivery, simplified customer support and transparent billing. Utilities providers using MaxBill can turn their billing, service delivery and customer support activities into competitive advantages that help their businesses grow.
MaxBill provides utilities providers the modern framework to manage best practices for defining and implementing business processes that are integrated across an entire organization. The solution includes a library of preconfigured business processes covering product management, service configuration, customer segments, meter and readings management, analysis and more.
MaxBill is not just another set of features or an additional layer of software that adds to an already complex IT environment. MaxBill gives a utilities provider all the tools to connect all the departments an organization and allows the utilities provider to concentrate on the business operation and the needs of its customers and not just its billing activities. By streamlining business processes, MaxBill helps a utilities provider improve customer experience and to focus on capitalizing on its strategic initiatives.
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