The market landscape for the supply of television and video content services is becoming increasingly competitive and complex. Long gone are the days when a dominant pay TV operator supplied basic tiered levels of channels to a captive market. Today, with readily available Internet and mobile technologies and increased network capacity, the number of players providing television and video content services is constantly expanding.
Over the past ten plus years, many former cable and satellite TV operators have evolved into multiple service operators by progressively adding fixed line, mobile and Internet services. These incumbent operators face competition from other similarly positioned multiple play operators that have also grown from related single service operations. New players are also finding opportunities to provide niche video content services to targeted customer segments.
The ability to attractively bundle and price service packages is a major key to the success of any service provider supplying television and video content services. Equally important is the ability to effectively deal with the growing range of multiple layered revenue sharing and partner management schemes involved in the complex value chain for television and video content services.
Even today, many multiple play service operators are still using separate billing systems and processes for each service line. In general, running multiple billing systems is not only expensive to maintain, but also prevents a service provider from being able to offer attractive service packages as integrating disparate billing systems and processes is difficult if not impossible. At the same time, new and niche players supplying television and video content services, such as OTT and IPTV players, often rely on internally developed or entry level billings systems with limited capabilities that restrict their ability to capitalize on revenue generating opportunities.
MaxBill enables suppliers of television and video content to manage multiple services and offer attractive packages with zero-touch, automated service delivery, simplified customer support and transparent billing. Backed by a Modern Billing approach, service providers in this market space using MaxBill can turn their billing, service delivery and customer support activities into competitive advantages that help their businesses grow.
The MaxBill solution allows service providers in any vertical market to manage best practices for defining and implementing modern business workflows that are integrated across an entire organization. MaxBill includes a library of preconfigured business processes covering product management, service configuration, customer segments and more.
MaxBill delivers the tools to connect all organizational departments and provides a modern framework for a service provider focus on the overall business operation and the needs of its subscribers and not just its billing activities. By streamlining business processes, MaxBill helps a service provider improve customer experience management and focus on capitalizing on new revenue generating opportunities or any other strategic initiative.
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