Billing & CRM Solution for B2B Service Providers

All-rounded billing solution that covers the core needs of B2B service providers to boost their growth and build better business processes

MaxBill is a service-agnostic solution that can be adjusted to fit your business model and adapted to complement internal business operations. Designed as an on-demand suite of services, MaxBill allows for industry-specific implementation of billing, customer service and data processing to serve your needs best. A multi-tenant architecture of the solution empowers service providers to manage complex partner agreements and revenue-sharing schemes.

MaxBill’s forward-thinking approach enables us to guide B2B service providers in their digital transformation, helping overcome any challenges they face along the way.

74 % of B2B vendors that implement Partner Relationship Management (PRM) say that they have more visibility into their partners’ pipelines.

Tailored to favor your business

The MaxBill architecture provides B2B companies with the capacity to shape own business models to match the general strategy. Our software allows businesses to have extensive control over service delivery, data analyses, customer experience and financial operations.

Billing Management / Invoicing

Simplify your billing and invoicing with automated processes and preset charging options to reduce cost and efforts needed to support the system.

Customer Relationship Management

Attract more clients and gain their loyalty with impeccable customer service. An integrated CRM allows for gathering and analysing data to get valuable insights and identify customer behaviour patterns.

Partner Management

Build fruitful partnerships with personalised offers, third-party integration, transparent billing and revenue operations, all within the same platform.

Revenue Management

Advance your operations introducing multi-tiered revenue-sharing schemes, predicting customer behaviours and managing all the processes under a single solution.

More Features

Featured Clients

MaxBill is proud to have many of the industry leaders as our clients who leveraged the possibilities of our cutting-edge billing platform.

Delta Fiber Netherlands
  • Services:
    TV/ fixed/mobile telephony
  • Location:
Hans De Groot
Senior Director of IT

“With MaxBill we were the 1st company in the Netherlands to introduce Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) and Loan management for Fiber equipment providing us with a significant market advantage. The MaxBill solution is also enabling us to roll out automated online migrations of complete areas where FTTH is introduced.”

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Shell Energy
  • Services:
    Utilities, broadband, telephony
  • Location:
    United Kingdom
Mark Daeche
CEO & founder

“MaxBill allows us to turn our smart meter readings into competitive advantages and generate full value from our customers, while the possibilities for adding services supported by complex bundling scenarios are endless.”

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  • Services:
  • Location:
Matthijs Kamp
Founder, COO and Co-owner

“From our perspective, it is unique that the MaxBill product suite has adopted all our changes in the last two decades.”

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