Smart customer management: The First Utility way


By Adam Ajzensztejn and Roberta Bigliani
May 2014

This IDC Energy Insights study focuses on the smart customer management IT platform implemented by First Utility — the largest of the U.K.’s independent energy retailers. Although it only accounts for 1.45% of the market share, First Utility has seen its customer base grow over a staggering 600% in little over two years. These results can be attributed to the company’s customer-centric, low-cost proposition, which relies heavily on the innovative utilization of IT solutions. Through an agile implementation of MaxBill, the company has automated and streamlined many of its order-to-cash business processes, leading to operational efficiencies that translate to lower tariff offerings for consumers. The swift implementation of the my:energy customer engagement platform — which uses Opower’s Big Data and analytics as well as behavioral science cloud-based solution — presents First Utility customers with tailored and motivational insights to help them cut energy consumption and bills.

“First Utility’s impressive ability to select and implement innovative IT solutions to shape its smart customer management strategy serves to deliver excellent customer experience and drive the minutest of operational efficiencies to lower customer bills. The energy retailer is turning out to be one of the greatest threats to the dominance of the Big 6 and may even provide a catalyst to relieve the stagnancy of U.K. switching rates,” said Adam Ajzensztejn, senior research analyst, IDC Energy Insights, EMEA…

(The above is from the introduction to this analyst report from IDC Energy Insights. This analyst report is a case study that looks at how our MaxBill solution is helping First Utility achieve its corporate objectives and grow its customers base. It is available to the subscribers of IDC Energy Insights’ research services.)

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