The world cautiously prepares for the year of a social and economic rebound, as the pandemic gets slowly conquered around the globe. 2020 had brought us a lot of challenges, and it’s time to see what we have learned and how are we going to move forward.

For telecommunication companies, progress was affected by the pandemic but it had never stopped. Instead, more businesses are now willing to change and transform in ways they were hesitant before. Being very curious about the latest innovation trends, the MaxBill team had conducted a research to explore how telecommunication and connectivity providers are navigating the post-COVID market.

During April and May of 2021, MaxBill held an anonymous survey and contacted industry professionals from a wide spectre of sub-sectors. We got a good response rate, with a total of 243 participants, 53% of whom were operators and service providers. The survey consisted of two blocks of questions: the first one regarding the post-pandemic adjustments and the second on topics of customer experience and the role of automation in it. We were excited to learn about the realistic state of innovation in the industry and are now ready to share the results with the community.

If you’d be interested in participating in any of our other upcoming surveys, stay tuned for more information over on social media or get in touch via Meanwhile, download the report to discover more about the state of innovation and automation in the telecommunication industry.