Since the beginning of 2021, iGaming regulations have been one of the most discussed topics at all industry events, community forums and personal blogs. Though the discussions turned out to be quite heated, to our surprise, there were no insight pools where one could learn the general attitude towards the newly established regulations.

That is why MaxBill and European Gaming decided to conduct a survey and gather opinions from iGaming professionals across different regions. Based on the answers, a comprehensive report was created, so that each member of the iGaming community could understand where others stand. We believe that it can help initiate a constructive dialog between various businesses and regulators.

The endeavor was very successful, with a survey completion rate of 40.9% (compared to the typical 33%), which means that most iGaming businesses are eager to work together towards making regulations work for the good of the industry. Overall, we received 178 replies from community members, with the majority coming from CIS countries, Asia and Europe. Out of them, 83.4% admitted to being affected by the regulations.

Download the full report to learn about the challenges, benefits and transformations iGaming companies are faced with because of the new regulations.