From a start-up to the largest independent retailer: how First Utility leveraged its opportunities with innovative IT solutions

First Utility has experienced its customer base grow by 600% in two years thanks to a customer-centred approach and up-to-date IT software.

The “Big 6” of the UK’s energy suppliers have been experiencing unprecedented customer churn since new, independent retailers entered the market. The long-established dominance was challenged thanks to smaller companies focusing on smart metering and introducing the cutting-edge IT infrastructure.

The IDC report reveals the preconditions that allowed smaller companies to successfully compete with the incumbents in the UK and spotlights First Utility’s role in disrupting the market. The company’s success is an exemplary story of how introducing modern solutions for billing, customer care and customer management can make the difference and lead the company to top positions.

IDC presented a thorough overview of the role of MaxBill and My:Energy in supporting First Utility on its way to becoming the largest independent energy retailer in the UK.