Everything you need to know about the modern approach to billing and partner management

MaxBill is more than a set of features designed to help companies manage their business processes. We promote an innovative approach and aim to drive the industry forward with a cutting-edge solution based on modern billing and partner management principles.

Explore MaxBill whitepapers to understand the idea behind the solution, analyst reports to learn about our role in the market, as well as the billing industry landscape, and discover what it all means for you as a business owner.

Four Utility Trends of 2021

Utilities are responsible for maintaining a high quality of life high for the population, no matter the circumstances. On the other hand, they have to keep employees safe and secure, while also preserving their assets. In this datasheet, we explore the innovative trends that will help providers achieve their strategic goals.

Four Telecommunication Trends of 2021 & Actions to Take to Keep Up

Our team looked back on the main events of the past year, analyzed the current state of the market and came up with a list of the biggest trends in telco that will shape 2021. Discover what they are, and what action they demand from the telecom providers, in the MaxBill datasheet.

Four Gaming Trends to Look Forward to in 2021

It is very exciting to see where 2021 takes us. It is going to be a huge year for the gaming industry, opening many business possibilities for developers, vendors, players and investors.

Invoicing and Partner Management Solution to Bet On: MaxBill for Gaming

The gaming industry is expanding fast, and MaxBill provides its members with tools to achieve speedy payment cycles, superior calculation accuracy, report transparency and effective partner management.

MaxBill Technological Report (H1, 2020): MaxBill BPM workflow, Order Management and ML Use Cases

Get a better idea of what is currently being integrated into the MaxBill solution and which directions the company is focusing on technology-wise.

MaxValue: the right way to implement billing solutions

MaxValue is an innovative approach that MaxBill relies upon to help clients ultimately benefit while deploying our modern billing solution.

New Directions in Energy Retail: Billing & CIS for Competitive Edge

Today’s market conditions demand from the utility sector extra effort to stay relevant and competitive. One of the baselines of the successful energy business is an innovative approach to conducting business processes and managing its customer relationships.

Modern Billing for Enterprise: the MaxBill approach

MaxBill aims to always stay cutting-edge to be able to supply its customers with the very solution they need to compete and thrive in their domain. Discover how MaxBill sees modern billing and what it can bring to your business with real-case examples.

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