Vyacheslav Smirnov talks about the main tendencies in the utility sector.

In 2021, following the oil price crisis and the aftermath of the COVID19 pandemic, utilities have to accelerate their digital transformation. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, smart metering, data analysis, and other tools will help them become more efficient and provide enhanced services to the customers.

Most countries move to the sustainable path of industrial development, and the demand for clean energy keeps rising. Additionally, more and more households become prosumers and join the grid, making it more complex. Such tendencies require larger providers to adopt the means to stabilize the grid on one hand, and successfully manage the relationship with the users on the other. All customers want to be more involved in managing their consumption, finances and service packages. At the same time, safety and security become crucial in the face of the circumstances. Companies have to remember that their employee’s health is a priority, so they must outline work guidelines and procedures accordingly.

To strengthen their business position and navigate the new reality successfully, providers need to understand where the industry is heading this year. That is why our team compiled the datasheet that explores the main utility trends of 2021 and paints a large picture of what to expect.