Responding to radical shifts in the energy market with an upgraded billing and customer care approach


80% of homes in the European Union are to have smart meters in 2020

Customers of today demand more from utility companies. With the growth of ecological and financial awareness, end-users want to have greater control over their energy consumption which sets new business goals for the utility providers.

The ability to quickly respond to the emerging needs of the market, as well as a proactive position regarding customer service and product management, define the success of the energy company today. On top of that, with more and more independent retailers and providers flooding the market, it is essential to find those unique and unconventional features that will help stand out among the competitors.

A new approach to energy billing solutions and customer management serves as the core element in the transformation for companies that aim to thrive in modern conditions. The report from Quindy will guide you step by step through main challenges for today’s energy companies and how to overcome those reconsidering the way to operate the business.