Everything you need to know about the modern approach to billing and partner management

MaxBill is more than a set of features designed to help companies manage their business processes. We promote an innovative approach and aim to drive the industry forward with a cutting-edge solution based on modern billing and partner management principles.

Explore MaxBill whitepapers to understand the idea behind the solution, analyst reports to learn about our role in the market, as well as the billing industry landscape, and discover what it all means for you as a business owner.

Partner Management Solution for Building a Sustainable Business Future

In the newly-released whitepaper, we focus on specific challenges that iGaming, telecoms and other B2B2X companies face these days and practical use cases of how MaxBill addresses these challenges and facilitates business growth.

“Where’d You Go?” or a Quest for Churn Reduction

The synergy of customer service representatives and smart technology is the future of customer service.

Why Partnering with a SeS Provider Is Essential for Success

SeS providers offer valuable expertise in technology and industry trends in the particular region.

MaxBill Supports KPN, Handling increased Voice and Data Traffic

MaxBill and KPN/RoutIT teams evaluated the company’s ability to handle 1 billion Call Detail Records (CDRs) in monthly traffic when supported by the the MaxBill solution.

The Impact of iGaming Industry Regulations: Community Insights 2021

MaxBill and European Gaming work together to conduct a survey regarding the new iGaming regulations and their effect on the market. We believe that this document will become a valuable reference point in the community discussion.

The State of Innovation in the Telecommunication & Connectivity Industry in 2021

MaxBill presents its findings on the state of digital transformation in the telecommunication industry. In this report, we explore which internal processes get automated more often, and how service providers improve their customers’ experience with help of technology.

The State of Innovation in the Gaming Industry 2021

MaxBill conducted an anonymous survey on the topic of post-COVID digital transformation in the gaming industry. We focused on AI, process automation and overall customer experience enhancement.

The State of Innovation in the Energy & Utility Industry 2021

MaxBill reports its findings regarding the state of digital transformation in a multitude of Energy and Utility companies: traditional and renewable energy producers, providers and resellers, consultant companies, software vendors for power and utility, and various municipality service providers.

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