Quindi Research survey confirms LogNet Billing’s Modern Billing strategy for energy service provider profitability

Company and its MaxBill solution are featured in a new analyst report on importance of billing to business strategies of retail energy providers

London, United Kingdom (June 21, 2016) – LogNet Billing, the provider of Modern Billing solutions for service providers worldwide, announced today that the company and its MaxBill solution have been featured in a new report from the UK analyst firm Quindi Research, titled New Directions in Energy Retail: Billing & CIS for Competitive Edge.

“As retail energy providers vie for leadership in competitive markets, strong billing and customer management operations has never been more vital,” explained Catherine Viola, Consulting Analyst at Quindi Research. “In our view, LogNet Billing demonstrates an exceptional understanding of competitive energy markets, which is reflected in the company’s product offerings and track record of customer success.”

For this analyst report, Quindi Research surveyed executives at retail energy providers in competitive markets across Europe, Australia and the United States to gauge their views on the importance of their billing and customer management operations to their business strategies. Quindi Research found that an overwhelming majority of retail energy providers agreed that their billing and customer management solutions and operations are key enablers for their business strategies, citing a wide range of benefits for their businesses, including positive impacts on customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, operational efficiency, competitiveness and, most importantly, profitability.

In its analyst report, Quindi Research highlights that many retail energy providers are beginning to offer service bundles to enhance their business propositions and value-added services (VAS), such as smart home applications and communication services, to offset the low profits of commodity energy services. Many executives communicated that value-added services are becoming a key component of their business strategies, which they expressed must be supported by highly flexible and easily configured business processes and billing systems.

“The results of Quindi Research’s study clearly confirm the value proposition of our Modern Billing strategy and the solutions we offer to retail energy providers,” said Kirill Rechter, CEO of LogNet Billing. “We are very proud of our strong track record of helping retail energy and other utilities providers improve their competitiveness, increase profits and grow their customer bases.”

Modern Billing is LogNet Billing’s strategy for helping service providers turn their customer management, service delivery and billing operations into competitive advantages. Modern Billing creates a framework for a service provider to pursue its business strategy and achieve its corporate objectives with fully automated and integrated operations.

LogNet Billing delivers its Modern Billing strategy through its MaxBill solution. MaxBill features advanced multiple service capabilities, strong B2B partner management and a configurable workflow engine supported by a growing library of predefined best practice templates. The solution includes integrated modules covering CRM, product catalog, order management, billing, rating and self-service.

To learn more, please download the executive summary of Quindi Research’s New Directions in Energy Retail: Billing & CIS for Competitive Edge report along with LogNet Billing’s profile.

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LogNet Billing and our MaxBill solution turn billing, service delivery and customer experience management into competitive advantages that help service providers achieve their strategic objectives and grow their businesses. Our MaxBill solution and Modern Billing strategy enable service providers to offer attractive packages with automated service delivery, simplified customer support and transparent billing. Since 1996, the MaxBill solution has been helping communications, TV, content, utilities, financial, gaming and transportation service providers worldwide succeed in rapidly changing and highly competitive markets. For more information, please visit https://maxbill.com.

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Quindi Research provides custom research and analyst services for organisations throughout the smart energy and wireless communications sectors. At the heart of what we do is understanding the impact of technology change on the world around us, and our publications and research help software vendors, equipment manufacturers, network operators, service providers and regulators identify and exploit the opportunities from the emergence of new technologies. Founded in 2012, Quindi Research is based in Cambridge, UK.

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