Quindi Research highlights LogNet Systems’ Modern Billing strategy for competitive utilities service providers

Company recognized for its unique ability to support multiple services and leverage billing and customer service into competitive advantages

London, United Kingdom (April 1, 2014) – LogNet Systems, the provider of Modern Billing solutions for service providers worldwide, today announced that the company’s Modern Billing strategy for competitive utilities service providers has been highlighted by the analyst firm Quindi Research in the recently published analyst report titled Billing Strategies for Competitive Energy Retailers.

Quindi Research examines in this analyst report the current transformation of the energy retail environment in competitive markets, which is being driven by smart technologies, changing customer expectations and the diversification of services and suppliers, and analyzes the demands that these changes are placing on the billing strategies and systems used by energy retailers and other competitive utilities services providers.

LogNet Systems’ Modern Billing solution for helping competitive service providers successfully grow their businesses in dynamically changing markets and strategically implement their innovative business models with a holistic approach to business processes is featured in this analyst report.

“The Modern Billing vision takes a high-level view of how competitive markets are developing and understands that better billing and customer experience processes can be main differentiators and strategic advantages, especially for competitive energy retailers,” explained Catherine Viola, Founder of Quindi Research. “This Modern Billing philosophy and approach is likely to resonate strongly with competitive energy suppliers and dynamic new entrants.”

Quindi Research’s analyst report features a case study on how First Utility, the one of the largest alternative energy retailer in the UK, is using LogNet Systems’ MaxBill system to offer a compelling combination of electricity, gas, telephony and broadband services. This case study explains that First Utility uses MaxBill to provide transparent billing, streamlined service delivery and efficient customer support, which are leveraged by First Utility as competitive advantages.

“LogNet has the unique capability and experience to support convergent billing and invoicing of both energy and communications services,” continued Viola. “As energy companies diversify more and more into non-traditional services, including communications, LogNet’s distinctive ability to support diverse services on a single system should help increase its traction within the utility sector.”

“Our Modern Billing strategy sets a new standard for empowering utilities service providers in competitive markets to achieve their business strategies and corporate visions,” said Kirill Rechter, CEO of LogNet Systems. “This important acknowledgment from Quindi Research elevates the message we are conveying to the market with our Modern Billing strategy.”

To download this analyst report, please click here.

About LogNet Systems

LogNet Systems and its MaxBill solution are delivering service providers a modern approach to billing and customer experience management. The MaxBill solution for Modern Billing enables service providers to strategically implement their innovative business models with a holistic approach to implementing business processes. Since 1996, the MaxBill solution have been helping communications, TV, content, utilities, financial and transportation service providers worldwide grow their businesses in rapidly changing and highly competitive markets. LogNet Systems is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has offices and representation across EMEA, APAC and Americas. For more information, please visit https://maxbill.com.

About Quindi Research

Quindi Research provides research and advisory services for organizations throughout the energy and telecommunications sectors. The company’s publications and research support software vendors, equipment manufacturers, network operators, service providers and regulators in identifying and exploiting the opportunities from the emergence of new technologies. Founded in 2012, Quindi Research is based in Cambridge, UK. For more information, please visit  www.quindiresearch.com.

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