Netplaza deploys MaxBill for B2B2C white label billing

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Tommy Linna, CEO of Netplaza
November 28, 2017

Netplaza, a leading Internet service provider for regional fiber networks in Finland, has deployed the MaxBill system from LogNet Billing to support its complex B2B2C business models.

Netplaza is hosting MaxBill and using the system as a platform to provide provisioning and billing services as part of the white label broadband offering the company provides to its regional network operator customers. These regional network operators are reselling these broadband services to mostly residential and small and medium sized business customers throughout Finland.

Netplaza’s white label offering includes the building blocks that a regional network operator needs to provide broadband services, including the fiber infrastructure, network operations, service offerings, customer service, billing and regulatory compliance.

Tommy Linna, CEO of Netplaza, indicated that Netplaza’s white label offering “enables small operators to provide modern broadband services effectively in their area with a small amount of personnel and without the need of investing in all required components, such as routers and OSS/BSS systems.”

Prior to deploying MaxBill, Netplaza was using services of an external accounting firm, which had its own billing system. However, the exchange of information between the two companies had to be synchronized manually. “This kind of arrangement would work in small scale, but with increasing number of customer networks and end users, an integrated solution had to be deployed,” explained Linna.

Netplaza reported that it selected MaxBill for its advanced functionality and multitenant architecture that allows the complex B2B2C business relationships it maintains with its network operator customers to be easily managed. MaxBill is a full featured customer management and billing solution that supports multiple service environments and features advanced rating options, CRM, order management, billing, partner management and reconciliation capabilities.

Linna said Netplaza’s “cash flow is rather complex” and that “flexible billing capabilities among end users, customer companies, Netplaza and other involved parties are essential because a single end user contract has an impact on several different invoices in different directions.”

“MaxBill provides a centralized system to produce correct invoices in these different directions. This enables Netplaza to grow both in terms of number of regional network customers and end users. The regional networks will also have better chances to provide attractive offerings and grow their business,” stated Linna.

“We have equipped Netplaza with the infrastructure to maintain a holistic view of its billing operations and directly control its business processes – this is what we call Modern Billing,” said Kirill Rechter, CEO at LogNet Billing. “Netplaza now has the framework to independently acquire and configure new tenants, including the capabilities with its own internal resources to configure billing and reconciliation processes according to the agreements with each network operator customer.”