NetEnt increases efficiency, opportunities with MaxBill deal

Derek Tonin
January 31, 2019

LogNet Billing has announced a new partnership with NetEnt, the premium gaming solutions developer. The deal, announced in a January 31 press release, will allow NetEnt to use the MaxBill Modern Billing solution.

MaxBill will allow NetEnt to automate its partner reconciliation and billing processes. The modern framework of the service allows for a more efficient contract management process with operators.

The press release notes that MaxBill will be integrated with back office tools and data to improve the billing process and expand the paramters available for contracts. This should open up a world of new possibilities for revenue sharing and business agreements that would have been previously unthinkable for NetEnt.

LogNet Billing, the developer of MaxBill, has been working with partners in the communications, TV, content, utilities, financial and transportation industries since 1996. They provide simplified customer support, transparent billing, and automated service delivery their partners.

Urban Gullefors, Group Finance Manager at NetEnt, wrote in the press release, “We have been impressed with MaxBill’s growing presence in the online gaming space and we know the company is working with some of the leading online casino operators and gaming technology providers.”

“NetEnt is another prominent player in the online gaming space that we are proud to be working with as new customer,” said Kirill Rechter, CEO of LogNet Billing. LogNet already has 888 Holdings as a partner. “We have developed a strong market position in the online gaming vertical in recent years and are happy to see the growth and evolution on our modern multi-play capabilities,” concluded Rechter.

This is a promising new deal for NetEnt, specially as they set their focus on emerging markets and new potential deals. The benefits they stand to gain from more efficient partner management, and simplified but more lucrative arrangements should really help their bottom line going forward.

As more complex revenue sharing agreements become the norm, LogNet and MaxBill might want to keep a close eye on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) powered Metanet. This revolutionary new technology is being built with exactly this type of use case in mind. Through the power of the BSV blockchain, Metanet will allow technology like MaxBill to create even more secure and rapid accounts of billing arrangements, benefiting partners like NetEnt with instant returns on their deals.

This type of technology is only possible on the BSV blockchain because of its big blocks, and ability to massively scale on chain to the needs of future applications. BSV is being developed for enterprise use and adoption, and these companies should give it a look.