Municipalities are among the most complex service providers today. Many municipalities around the world are managing the local supply of a range of utilities services, including water, gas, electricity, heating, and others. There is also a long list of municipal services that all municipalities provide their residents, such as waste removal, transportation and maintenance.
The reality is that nearly all municipalities are using separate databases, billing systems and workflow processes for each service and revenue generating activity. The result is inefficient service delivery and an expensive and complex IT operation that leaves a municipality with limited control of its income or vision of its cash flow.
MaxBill allows a municipality to manage best practices for defining and implementing modern business workflows that are integrated across an entire organization. The solution includes a library of preconfigured business processes covering product management, service configuration, customer segments, supplier management, workforce planning, report and more.
MaxBill provides the tools to connect all the departments across a municipality, allowing the municipality to focus on the overall revenue generating operations and the needs of its residents. By streamlining business processes, MaxBill helps a municipality to improve service delivery workflows and to focus improving revenue collection or any other strategic initiative.
The MaxBill solution enables municipalities to manage all its services on one platform with efficient service delivery, improved CRM and full control over revenue generation. With MaxBill, a municipality can turn its billing, service delivery and support activities into strengths that improve cash flows and the image of the city.
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