LogNet Systems: Kirill Rechter’s 2014 trends

Developing Telecoms

By Kirill Rechter
January 23, 2014

Over-the-top content, VoIP over 3G, location-based services and gaming should see a strong year in many emerging markets.

At the same time, competition in various forms is gradually starting to make an impact on many emerging markets and is driving innovation in terms of service offerings and customer expectations.

As a result of these new services and the appearance of competition, we expect that many incumbent telcos and other established communications service providers will begin making significant investments in their BSS systems in an effort to streamline their service delivery operations and improve the attractiveness of their services.

We already see that a number of incumbent telcos in certain emerging markets are making holistic changes to their operations in response to growing alternatives available to their customers. These service providers are implementing modern BSS systems that allow them to efficiently offer multiple services with zero-touch, automated service delivery and transparent billing.

This is a trend that we expect to continue strongly with both incumbents and new entrants in emerging markets throughout Asia, EMEA and the Americas in 2014 and for many years to come.

Kirill Rechter is the CEO of LogNet Systems.