LogNet Billing unveils MaxBill 5 to help retail energy companies improve customer engagement

Utility Dive

October 30, 2015

LogNet Billing, a leading provider of billing solutions to utilities and telecom service providers worldwide, has announced a new version of its MaxBill solution – MaxBill 5. In keeping with the company’s Modern Billing strategy, MaxBill 5 has a number of new capabilities that retail energy providers can leverage to create competitive advantages from their billing and service delivery operations.

In highly competitive markets, customer engagement and better service offerings are keys to building a loyal customer base and attracting new customers. LogNet Billing and MaxBill 5 deliver a way for service providers to discover the most effective pricing models for their service offerings, provide more transparency in billing to make customers more aware of their usage patterns and identify new revenue opportunities and packages to offer to their existing and new customers.

“We have been continually improving and expanding MaxBill since it was initially developed twenty years ago and today it is a full-featured, mature solution used by innovative service providers in many vertical markets,” states Kirill Rechter, CEO of LogNet Billing. “We are proud that MaxBill adds an important dimension to our customers’ businesses and is empowering them to achieve their business strategies.”

An important feature in the new version of the MaxBill solution is a set of predictive analytics tools, which are expected to generate great interest among retail energy suppliers, especially those in competitive markets. These analytics tools in MaxBill 5 are integrated into the solution’s product catalog and provide a guided processes for marketing managers to experiment with and identify the correct pricing and parameters for service offerings. Retail energy providers that are considering diversifying their services to generate additional revenue streams and set themselves apart from their competitors can use these analytics tools in MaxBill 5 to correctly price and package both new services.

For instance, MaxBill 5’s analytics tools can be used by a retail energy provider to successfully introduce energy from different sources at varied tariffs. A retail energy provider that has a standard pricing for traditional energy and is planning to introduce energy from renewable sources as an offering at a different price point can leverage these new analytical tools to find the right pricing and packaging for its new services.

The new version of MaxBill also allows a service provider to provide its customers with mobile self-care app. This new addition to MaxBill enables a retail energy provider to directly interact with its customers through their mobile devices. The new mobile self-care app is fully integrated with MaxBill and allows customers to independently perform a range of self-care functions from their smartphones or tablets. These include browsing services, comparing rate plans, registering for and activating services, and updating payment and personal details from. Also, push notifications from a service provider regarding promotions or new marketing campaigns can be sent directly to customers’ mobile devices through MaxBill’s mobile self-care app.

The MaxBill solution can manage multiple service environments and can be used by service providers to integrate their various business lines and bundle various service offerings into attractive packages. Other features of the solution include advanced multiple play capabilities, strong B2B partner management and a configurable workflow engine along with integrated modules covering CRM, product catalog, order management, billing, rating and self-service. MaxBill is built with a multitenant architecture and can be deployed on premise or as a hosted solution in a SaaS model.