LogNet Billing releases MaxBill 5 with added mobile app, analytics

Next Generation Communications

By Casey Houser
November 3, 2015

LogNet Billing, a developer of billing software for enterprises, recently announced the release of version 5 of its flagship billing software, MaxBill.

MaxBill 5 comes with a mobile self-care app, tools for predictive analytics that can help analyze planned services, and business process templates for efficiently handling orders, support tickets, debt collection, and other essential processes. Kirill Rechter, the CEO of LogNet, indicated that the MaxBill software has existed for more than 20 years and that his company’s mission is to continually improve that product.

“We have been continually improving and expanding MaxBill since it was initially developed twenty years ago, and today it is a full-featured, mature solution used by innovative service providers in many vertical markets,” Rechter said. “We are proud that MaxBill adds an important dimension to our customers’ businesses and is empowering them to achieve their business strategies.”

The new self-care app allows businesses to directly interact with customers on their mobile devices. Within the app, customers can access details about services, compare and purchase products, and update their personal payment and account details. Businesses can also play an active role in customer interactions by sending push notifications through the mobile app. In this way, customers can learn about promotions and new products in which they may be interested.

The analytics tools available in the latest version of MaxBill help businesses predict the efficacy of new products before release. The analytics engine takes customers past experiences into account by comparing their responses to past releases with the similar functions new releases will contain. This can give managers a look into the overall satisfaction and engagement rates they should expect with a new product. If predicted rates are too low, businesses can tweak their designs to better address customers’ needs.

This is where best practices can come into play. In the process of creating new services or in modifying existing products, employees should follow certain guidelines to make sure they work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Business process templates in MaxBill5 address those methods of work and can help employees interact with customers, develop new software, or even engage with business partners in a more streamlined fashion.

Overall, the new MaxBill comes with a number of new features that businesses can use either on-premise or in the cloud. It will be making the rounds at industry trade shows in the coming weeks.