LogNet Billing promotes Kirill Rechter to CEO

Telecom Billing expert to drive company to market leadership position

London, UK (December 18, 2008) – LogNet Billing, a global provider of carrier-grade Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) solutions for multiple play communication and utilities service providers, announced today that the company has appointed Kirill Rechter to the position of CEO.

“LogNet offers a competitive approach to CC&B that enables multiple play service providers to capitalize on all revenue generating opportunities and strengthen customer loyalty,” said Kirill Rechter, the new CEO of LogNet Billing. “I am confident that our collective experience and strong product offering will help us elevate LogNet to a position of marketing leadership.”

Kirill previously co-founded and served as CTO of MaxBill. Since MaxBill’s inception in 1997, Kirill was responsible for overall product development and technology management.

LogNet Billing is an independent business unit of LogNet Systems. LogNet Systems recently acquired the assets and IP rights of MaxBill.

LogNet Billing continues to support all existing MaxBill customers and to enhance the MaxBill product suite. LogNet Billing is also developing a joint roadmap to integrate the MaxBill product suite with LogNet Systems’ e-Billing and Customer Self Care products.

About LogNet Billing

LogNet Billing is a global provider of carrier-grade Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) solutions for multiple play communications and utilities service providers. LogNet Billing has designed and deployed over 50 complex CC&B solutions for Tier 1-3 fixed network, wireless, cable, data and utilities providers worldwide. LogNet Billing enables multiple play communications and utilities service providers to expand revenue streams, increase customer loyalty and reduce operational costs.

About LogNet Systems

LogNet Systems provides next-generation e-billing and customer self service comprehensive software solutions, enabling organizations to offer their business customers a superior experience to manage their accounts, order products and services, review and analyze bills, execute payments as well as resolve disputes online from a single starting point within a company’s web site. Our dynamic versus static solution helps our clients to reduce operational costs, introduce new sales and service channels, while strengthening relationships with their business customers by improving customer care quality. Billing systems agnostic, LogNet’s proven value-added solutions – together with the vast experience and knowhow gained while servicing leading companies worldwide – provide clients with the assurance of a successful implementation of their web based self-service offering, thus ensuring that they remain leading providers.

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