The MaxBill solution provides a standardized framework to manage business processes relating to customer and partner management, reconciliation, complex revenue sharing schemes with the third-party content providers and billing. To achieve this, MaxBill processes event records from dozens of different file formats in near real time. Each record’s complex contract conditions and tax/regulatory framework is considered within a specific business model configuration.

MaxBill calculation models include accuracy with revenue, royalty and predefined contract conditions for all customer products, and last but not least, bonus/deduction caps and taxes:

Revenue Models
  • Net Gaming Revenue (NGR)
  • Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR)
Royalty Models
  • Flat
  • Tier
  • Step


Royalty Types
  • Standard
  • Branded
  • Group agreement
Royalty Contract details
  • Per all customer products
  • Per product


  • Bonus Cap
  • Deduction Cap
Minimum Guarantee
  • Definition of contract’s MG
  • Rules in calculation for MG amount


  • Different tax bases
  • Possibility to configure % per country

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