“I like the fact that there is a high degree of flexibility of working, with different places to work in an international environment, with many opportunities.”

Florin Hertanu

Product Owner
Joined MaxBill May 2012

A committed and dedicated professional, Florin is without doubt, a clear example of good communication and strong organization skills, with the ability to balance multiple activities and provide outstanding customer services.

Being most of the time on customer site, his way of life is associated with travelling & movement. Florin constantly discovers new places, meets new people, gets acquainted with different cultures. He speaks English, French and Romanian languages fluently, currently he is trying to learn Russian. And that’s no limit for Florin – such result-driven, passionate and talented person, constantly learning new and different things and being able to offer them to our customers.

What is the true sense of your work?
To make customer happy, to send positive energy, knowing that my work is appreciated and customer is satisfied.

  • Olga Penkova
    Implementation Engineer
    "It is really a family, how can it be in another way?"
  • Eugene Malinovsky
    DevOps Engineer
    "Opportunity for professional growth and the improvement of professional skills, competitive salary, remote work."
  • Javier Morelli
    Project Director
    "Both times I joined MaxBill the same reasons prevailed. First I wanted the job offered. Second, I knew the people I would be working with and knew I would enjoy it. This has been a constant through more than 10 years. No matter what the day brings, I know I am in good, supportive, company."