Customer self-service: Is it an operator’s Swiss Army knife?

Vanilla Plus

By Mark Dye
October 1, 2009

The merits of effective customer self-service online are well documented. As Mark Dye reports, it reduces churn, increases customer lifetime value and significantly lowers costs. And he means significantly!

(Below are the mentions of LogNet Systems and the quotes from our CEO in this article.)

Those industries maintaining high Web-based, self-care adoption rates are associated with both straightforward service offerings and a customer base that is widely comfortable with handling customer care issues and ordering services over the internet, adds Kirill Rechter, CEO, LogNet Billing.

“Companies in industries with complex services have succeeded with Web-based self-care, such as airlines and car rental companies, by organising information gathering and ordering into a structured and easy-to-follow process,” he says.

He believes that the Web-based self-care experience delivered by such companies provides consumers with the confidence that they are making well-informed buying decisions and are getting the best available price.

“Likewise, by making service offerings and packages easier to understand and the ordering process more organised, communications service providers can expand the usage of self-care among customer segments already inclined to use selfcare and reach new customer segments,” he adds.