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Ever since the company’s foundation, partnership and dedication were an integral part of MaxBill’s corporate culture. They remain a part of our main values today, and we make sure to deepen our understanding of them. Through the years, MaxBill upholds its labor practices to the highest standards.

Last year had shown us the importance of community and sticking together more than ever. It is thanks to our full dedication to the well-being of the MaxBill team and the success of our clients, that MaxBill managed not only to carry on business as usual amid the global pandemic but expand and welcome new members on board.

As MaxBill grows, so grows its impact on the lives of everyone who comes into contact with the company. We believe that it is our high responsibility to make sure that this impact is a positive one. Therefore, we commit to expanding sustainably, benefitting not only every client, partner and employee but all people around us. It is also our goal to set an example for others to make our world a better place – one local community at a time.

From zero discrimination policy to the eco-friendly office environment, and from social coverage to full professional growth support, we translate our values into each part of our corporate life.

To learn in detail about the actions we took to fulfill our mission in 2020, read our Social Responsibility report. To find out how we are planning to serve the community and enrich company life, stay tuned for more news that are coming shortly.