The Most Significant Moments that Made MaxBill’s Story in 2022.

In 2022, the world of many turned upside down, making the lives of the majority of MaxBill employees stressful and hectic. Yet, the company managed to help people get back to normal by taking care of relocation, providing psychological aid for a Ukrainian team, and even organizing yoga sessions to relieve stress.  

For the whole MaxBill community, once again we came to a conclusion: the company is always driven by its core values. These are creativity, dedication, and leadership.

How do we know that? Well, there were quite a lot of inspiring events, business and personal stories that proved it. But before we dive deeper into them, one thing is clear now: we’ll take the best we can into 2023.

  • “Stand with Ukraine!” was a powerful message of MaxBill CEO Kirill Rechter to the company and especially to the whole Ukrainian community out there at the beginning of the year. From day one, the company committed to humanitarian efforts to help fellow Ukrainians ‘who are on the front line fighting against Russian aggression.”
  • Despite the war tumult, our team count increased by 30%! While one of the projects had been put on hold, the team effectively migrated to other projects, where they delivered valuable impact thanks to our trusting customers. What’s more, new brilliant talents joined the company in 2022.
  • We raised a few talented product owners, and we got the first growth product manager. It’s a great win inside MaxBIll when the teams grow in quality as well. “I am happy that guys took the actual ownership of some of the product areas and they now know more than I do. This makes me so proud!, commented Val Morozov, VP of Product Management.
  • MaxSeminars kept delivering valuable insights into work, life, and now war-life balance. We deeply appreciate Alex Sazhyienko’s  MaxSeminar “How to Organise your Life – Building a Second Brain.” That was super on-point and helpful. Dmitry Robakidze got special applause for his “Time management vs Energy management”. We are tremendously thankful to our top 5 speakers last year, including Yurii Kindruk and Dylan Camilleri, and those who are always into enlightening people – Javier Morelli and Natalia Maksymenko. In total, we had 14 MaxSeminars, including those in 2 XXL formats.
  • Best Employee Ceremony has proved once again: MaxBill is about both star players and star teams. We had the privilege to announce 9 nominations aka brilliant talents that stood out last year. So, congrats to Dylan Camilleri as a Guru of Creativity, Yuliya Prostyakova as Master of Dedication, Yuri Sarkisian as a Trusted Partner, Georgio Schollaert as Confident Leader, Serhii Slobodyanik as a Cool Problem-Solver, Eugene Tarasov as Knowledge Sharing Expert, and Ulrich Hangler as Rising Star.
  • Last but definitely not least, here are other two winners that we can boldly name a ‘social glue’ at MaxBill, as they connect us through engagement activities and personal commitment to the company – the ones and only Kate Stobetska and Olexandr Zlobenko as Exceptional Company Influencer and MaxBill Ambassador, respectively.
  • A whopping 300 hours of internal training, including fire training, burnout training, health, safety, and prevention training! Wow, we guys know how to work, learn, and have fun!

Outside the house…

  • MaxBill was there for the clients, always responsive and committed to them. We’re happy to restart working with a large energy company and are ready to deliver our best. Let’s wait for an official press release from both sides!
  • We got new friends aka partners in different verticals to meet market challenges, expand opportunities, and achieve common goals together. From the latest, in case you missed it: MaxBill partnered up with Tilix to “ensure that our clients get a first-class multi-utility solution that is efficient and cost-effective.”
  • Traditionally, MaxBill’s experts have visited ICE London, IGB Amsterdam, and Enlit Europe. The market is shaking up, but MaxBill’s brainiacs are keeping pace with it and have plenty of things to share and offer.

Bottom line

2022 was not easy on us, but it taught us  “The company can trust its people, and people can trust the company.” (quote of MaxBill CEO Kirill Rechter). It’s 2023 now, and, in case you missed that on MaxBill’s New Year Card, “we’re moving toward a new year altogether, full of hopes and goals. We’ll make this year even more successful!

How do we know? That’s because of you who put extra work, expertise, and most importantly, your heart into everything you do.”

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