MaxBill is excited to announce the release of a new whitepaper, dedicated to revealing the company’s vision for driving gaming businesses to further success. We are confident, that the recent years’ rapid expansion of the industry should be supported by the operational changes across all levels. To grow smoothly and organically, each company needs to have a strong back-end, that will ensure its scalability.

The whitepaper covers the main aspects of the essential functionality of the modern cloud-based partner management and billing solution for gaming. It goes into detail about the advantages of the process automation in a revenue calculation, shortening the invoicing cycle and creating better reporting and mutual settlements transparency for any number of contracts. We also included the segment on the importance of the 4 eyes principle and teased the new forecasting module, that has been developed specifically for gaming providers. 

MaxBill understands the uncertainty that surrounds the integration of the new system in large enterprises, that is why we made sure to provide opinions of major gaming companies that already use our customized approach to billing and partner management. Two gaming giants, 888 and NetEnt, have been collaborating with MaxBill for a long time now. Their testimony reveals how switching to the single-platform system has helped them to create a better business environment and grow sustainably. 

Visit our resource section to download the whitepaper and dive into the world of new technological possibilities that elevate gaming businesses to greater profits.