Energy and utility conferences in the UK carry a unique value for E&U executives and tech leaders. They offer a platform to engage in industry dialogues and discover avenues for fostering sustainable business growth. As global conversations shift toward sustainable energy and efficient utilities, events in the sector have undergone a transformation. They now stand as bustling hubs of innovation, collaboration, and deal-making.

The true essence of power conferences lies in their universality. They are not confined to a single dimension of the industry but spread their wings across the entire spectrum. Utility tech leaders will gain insights into digital transformation initiatives, revealing pathways for growth, and enhanced customer and employee engagement.

Managing directors will benefit from a focus on operational efficiency and automation, ensuring that their businesses remain agile and proactive. Financial leaders are introduced to innovative technologies to amplify revenue optimization and financial integrity, gain deeper data insights, and ensure steadfast regulatory compliance.

In this era of customer empowerment, support leaders must seek and deploy digital solutions to meet evolving client expectations and deliver experiences beyond conventional standards. Live events and conferences offer the ideal platform to unearth such innovative cases, forge strategic partnerships, and propel the journey towards digital transformation.

With the E&U sector on the cusp of revolutionary change, such gatherings are pivotal in shaping its future trajectory. However, amidst the myriad events upcoming, which truly merit your attention?

Join us as we spotlight the top 6 energy and utility conferences that are must-attend networking arenas.

1. The International Energy Conference & Expo

The International Energy conference joins top 6 power conferences in London
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Where: London, the UK

When: September 27–28, 2023

“…The best place to be to every major service company…”

Some high-profile speakers: experts from S&P Global, ExxonMobil Egypt, CNOOC International, Moyes & Co, Horizon Energy Partners, Valeura Energy, etc.

Attendees: energy investors, independents, professional services, investment-seeking governments, network operations centres, etc. from the UK and beyond. 

Subjects to explore: oil, gas, and energy markets, exploration and production, state oil and energy companies, international licensing rounds; new ventures and local content; corporate investment and finance; energy infrastructure and power; energy transition and renewables. 

Short overview: 

The World Energies Summit stands as a unique energy conference in the UK. It forges a nexus between governments and energy enterprises across continents. Top-rated keynotes, sessions, and exclusive insights, networking opportunities resonate within the energy community. This highly acclaimed program hosts 75+ influential decision-makers and commentators from the energy sector. This sparks collaborative discussions through roundtable sessions, live debates, and bespoke energy and utility conferences. As a beacon of innovation, the energy summit accelerates low-carbon solutions, fuels energy infrastructure investment, and paves the way for international collaboration that propels the industry forward.

Business opportunities: a pivotal catalyst, connecting dynamic energy investors, legal experts, finance titans, and service giants with governments and NOCs in pursuit of investment opportunities on a global scale.

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2. Utility Week Forum

The ultimate utility summit in the UK for business growth
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Where: London, the UK

When: October 4–5, 2023

The headline theme: “Strategy to Delivery”. 

Some high-profile speakers: C-level representatives from Ofgem, Climate Change Committee, United Utilities, E.ON, etc.

Attendees: c-suite and senior leaders of the utility industry.

Subjects to explore: Achieving a carbon-neutral economy and attaining net-zero emissions while upholding customers’ priorities.

Short overview: 

Utility Week offers a unique platform to foster collaboration across industry, regulation, and the supply chain. This drives the crucial transition from strategy to implementation. The utility conference delves into core issues, facilitating pan-utility cooperation to bridge the gap between strategic vision and practical execution. The focus lies on analyzing the levers essential for achieving a decarbonized economy and net-zero targets while prioritizing customer-centric approaches. With innovative session formats, the Utility Week Forum 2023 presents a valuable opportunity for insightful discussions and collaborative engagement, facilitated by its esteemed editorial team.

Business opportunities:  Leaders within the utility sectors in the UK have the platform to openly share their valuable insights, embrace diversity and inclusion, cut the sales puff, and concentrate on delivering practical, editorially-led outcomes. 

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3. Future of utilities: Smart Energy

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Where: London, the UK

When: November 8-9, 2023

The author’s perspective, “Everyone will find answers here since the agenda is beyond impressive.”

Some high-profile speakers: c-suites from National Grid, Smart DCC, E.ON, the Energy Networks Association, UK Power Networks, NGO Citizen’s Advice, UK Research and Innovation, etc. 

Attendees: All major players from across energy’s vibrant ecosystem in the UK and beyond. 

Subjects to explore: energy-as-a-service, an efficient and flexible grid, suppliers’ affordability issues, domestic and non-domestic smart meters, EV charging infrastructure, and a green energy app for customer satisfaction.

Short overview: 

This UK energy and utility conference is as large-scale event as Utility Week. It gives all the answers in the context of ‘Building the Future Energy Ecosystem’. The exploration of the dynamic shift in the role of energy suppliers and their pivotal role in this transformation; understanding the significance of Digital Twins and their role in shaping the future of intelligent energy management; the realm of automation within customer operations; and unravelling the enigma of the green app – all these subjects are covered at this groundbreaking utility summit.

With an impressive turnout of 400+ attendees and an esteemed lineup of 80+ speakers, this event promises unparalleled insights. It is referred to as the “must-attend event for utilities” and serves as the focal point of energy digitalisation. The event unites industry giants and delivers impactful keynote addresses, networking opportunities, enlightening panels, case studies, and roundtable discussions. Participants gain valuable insights into vital energy sector challenges and key takeaways that advance the UK’s journey towards a modern, digitally empowered energy ecosystem.

Business opportunities: plenty of networking, sponsorship, and partnership opportunities.

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4. The National Energy and Sustainability Conference & Exhibition 2024

The best energy summit in the UK - The National Energy and Sustainability Conference & Exhibition
Credits to the Institute of Government & Public Policy

Where: London, the UK

When: March 12, 2024

The quote of the day is “A ‘Just Transition’ is essential to ensure that no one is left behind, and holistic, inclusive thinking – as well as the ethical and innovative use of data and digital technologies – will be vital to aligning multiple policy agendas as we strive towards Mission Zero.

Some high-profile speakers: (based on last year’s event) Distinguished speakers will include representatives from the House of Lords, the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, the Department for Education, the Energy Saving Trust, The Energy Consortium, esteemed academics, and pivotal industry suppliers.

Attendees: Converging at this UK energy and utility conference will be policymakers, solution providers, local authorities, and pivotal stakeholders from the energy and sustainability sectors, uniting to exchange best practices and engage in dialogue surrounding the critical challenges confronting the industry.

Subjects to explore: regional decarbonisation efforts and governmental initiatives, dialogues centred on achieving carbon neutrality in council operations, the far-reaching effects of disposable versus reusable textiles in both public and private spheres, the implementation of renewable energy and localised energy efficiencies, strategies for investment in energy-saving endeavours, and the formulation of localised energy plans aimed at cost-effective carbon emission reductions.

Short overview: 

Reflecting on a year of advancements since the UK Government’s Mission Zero review, this energy conference offers a detailed examination. The focus is on the journey to attain Net Zero carbon emissions. Last year’s keynote speakers, including Baroness Natalie Bennett and Professor Paul Monks, along with influential representatives from diverse sectors, have kept the narrative going for the next event. Business representatives, government figures, and public organisations have the opportunity to engage with thought leaders, strategic minds, and innovative solution providers in the energy and sustainability domains. It’s the Oscar of power conferences. Participants will explore economic growth opportunities, green project funding, upskilling for eco-friendly roles, circular thinking, waste reduction, and visionary transportation solutions.

Business opportunities:  insights into optimizing the utilization of pivotal products and services, enabling a transformative impact on your organization, or positioning your own offerings to empower the enhancement of capabilities for other businesses.

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5. Housing 2024

Utility event for housing associations and utility businesses
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Where: Manchester Central, the UK

When: June 25-27, 2024

The quote of the day: “Housing has something for everyone!” 

Some high-profile speakers: leaders across BEIS, DLUHC, Homes England, and RSH; representatives of housing associations like Eastlight Community Homes, thought leaders like Liam Halligan, author of ‘home truths’, etc. 

Attendees: senior leaders and decision-makers across the housing community; local authorities, housing associations, key partners and suppliers, government, housebuilders, and developers.

Subjects to explore: affordability, regulatory dynamics, sustainability, collaborative efforts, technological advancements, digital transformation, urban development, financial aspects, political factors, and notably, housing management, homelessness, mental health, and well-being concerns.

Short overview: 

The networking event delves into the core topics shaping the housing sector today. Housing might look like a utility expo. It unites under one roof utility professionals and construction contractors in the UK, but it goes beyond that.

Participants acquire insights into vital areas, including the cost of living crisis, housing safety, quality, homelessness, housing delivery, affordability, funding dynamics, and adaptive business strategies. They also delve into the complexities of addressing net-zero challenges, enhancing professionalism and skills, and promoting tenant and resident engagement. Additionally, they receive critical updates and guidance from distinguished leaders at BEIS, DLUHC, Homes England, and RSH.

Organised by housing associations, award winners, and sector leaders, the event provides an opportunity to deeply understand key issues. Participants engage in discussions about risks and opportunities and explore exhibitions spanning the entire housing supply chain. They acknowledge the commendable progress towards decarbonisation within the UK housing sector and its vital supply chain.

Business opportunities:  a special delegate pass provides access to particular networking opportunities where business meets the public and government figures.

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6. UKDEA Annual Conference & ExhibitionSubject to follow 

NB! Our choice of this event is driven by Heat Networks’ integral significance within the utility sector. The year 2023 marked the event’s reinitiation after COVID. So, the data for the next one has not been announced yet but is subject to monitoring.

Utility summit dedicated specifically to heat networks in the UK
Credits to District Energy Association

Last year’s event’s mojo: UKDEA Awards to recognise outstanding practice and achievement in the Heat Network domain.

Some high-profile speakers: (based on last year’s event) representatives from Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, The Greater London Authority; c-suites from Nordic Energy, Pinnacle Power, Comsof IQGEO, REHAU, CPC Civils, Danfoss, Cadent, Recirc Energy. 

Attendees: consultants and legal advisors; energy services companies; contractors and service providers; local authorities; manufacturers supplying heat generating equipment and heat interface units to the European District Energy market, etc.

Subjects to explore: heat network zoning, alternative heat sources post gas-fired CHP and innovations in the sector; regulation, innovations, and decarbonisation (waste wood, hydrogen, sewer network); 3D technology to drive energy solutions.

Short overview: 

The energy conference is the brainchild of the UK District Energy Association. This unique occasion intertwines the annual conference, shedding light on heat network zoning, alternative heat sources, and sector innovations, alongside an exclusive exhibition opportunity for members to showcase their cutting-edge products and services. In 2023, the main highlight was the debut of the UKDEA Awards, which recognized remarkable contributions and innovations across categories like Heat Network Scheme of the Year and Voice for Heat Networks. It’s a must-attend event to shape the industry’s future.

Business opportunities: Open to all, this energy conference promises invaluable networking opportunities and insightful exchanges; a platform for members to present their products and services.

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The choice that shapes the organisation’s future

Which one did you pick for your organisation? The events we’ve observed paint a picture of an industry undergoing rapid change, grappling with both challenges and opportunities. As we look to the future, it’s evident that adaptability, innovation, and foresight will not just be beneficial, but essential. Those who harness these attributes stand to reshape the UK (and not only) utility landscape for the better, ensuring reliable services for all while pioneering a sustainable future.