Simfonics, a pan-European Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) offering a full managed service business model and service delivery platform, decided to implement MaxBill as an all-in-one billing system.

“The MaxBill solution creates a win-win situation for Simfonics and our MNVO customers. MaxBill gives us the flexibility to provide tailor-made solutions configured to the individual operational requirements of each of our MNVO customers, while our MNVO customers benefit from the ability to support their brands with multiple service combinations and advanced rating and charging options.”

Uwe Lührig, CEO at Simfonics

The deployment of MaxBill will improve Simfonics’ service offering for its MVNO customers with comprehensive convergent rating and charging capabilities to handle advanced prepaid, postpaid, interconnect and roaming requirements. Simfonics will also leverage MaxBill to allow its MVNO customers to manage complex, multi-layered relationships and create attractive service packages consisting of multiple voice and value-added services (VAS). The MaxBill solution will be deployed in a multi-tenant configuration enabling Simfonics to seamlessly support the specific customer management processes, order management workflows and billing configurations of each of its MNVO customers on a single instance of MaxBill.

“We are proud that Simfonics will be using our multiple play solution to improve its service offering to its growing MNVO customer base. As we expand our overall market traction, Simfonics is an excellent example of how we can help service providers in any vertical market grow their businesses and efficiently roll out new services and revenue-generating channels.”

Kirill Rechter, CEO of MaxBill